in (one's) (infinite) wisdom

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in (one's) (infinite) wisdom

Used ironically when describing one's action or decision that the speaker thinks was particularly stupid or ill advised. The management, in their infinite wisdom, decided to cut employees' benefits while demanding that they work even longer hours.
See also: wisdom

in someone's wisdom

used ironically to suggest that an action is not well judged.
1992 Rugby World & Post In their wisdom Ciaran Fitzgerald and his selectors decided to dispense with the incumbent, Rob Saunders , and bring Aherne back for his thirteenth Irish cap.
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in your, his, etc. (infinite) ˈwisdom

used when you are saying that you do not understand why somebody has done something: The government in its wisdom has decided to support the ban.
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References in classic literature ?
Wise and holy men, the fathers of our religion, have expended their labors in clearing what was revealed from the obscurities of language, and the results of their experience and researches have been em bodied in the form of evangelical discipline That this discipline must be salutary, is evident from the view of the weakness of human nature that we have already taken; and that it may be profitable to us, and all who listen to its precepts and its liturgy, may God, in his infinite wisdom, grant
Yet through the pulpits of our Christian churches we are asked to pray for these unfortunate refugees, and for God in his infinite wisdom to help and support them in order that their circumstances and their anguish will improve, all this is to be achieved through prayer.
What one gathers from these attempts to understand the Beginning leads us back to the beginning of all things--the First, Who in His infinite Wisdom created out of nothing a vast cosmos for a purpose and for a duration the knowledge of which is given to none.
The Good Lord in his infinite wisdom made not only scribes and pharisees, but also hewers of wood and drawers of water; when the chronic shortages of operatives, crafts persons and technicians in today's cesspool of moral, social and economic decadence, will be obvious to the thinking people as will the causes.
God in his infinite wisdom set aside one day in the week for our good,and it is sad that so many businesses and shops are now open on Sundays.
Recently, he had rules brought in whereby anyone with even a minor conviction would have to apply for a visa as he, in his infinite wisdom, considers them a threat.
But Dan, in his infinite wisdom, explained that while they cognitively knew, they had lost their humanness.