in (one's) stocking(ed) feet

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in (one's) stocking(ed) feet

Wearing only one's socks or stockings, but not one's shoes. I had just run out to grab the newspaper, but the door locked behind me. Now I'm stuck outside in my stockinged feet!
See also: feet

stocking feet

Wearing socks or stockings, but not shoes, as in I got locked out of the house in my stocking feet. [First half of 1800s]
See also: feet, stocking

in your ˌstocking(ed) ˈfeet

(old-fashioned) wearing socks or stockings but not shoes: Our feet were too sore to put into shoes, so we walked home in our stockinged feet.
See also: feet, stocking
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At 5ft 9ins in her stockinged feet, maybe Katie tired of stooping on the red carpet to spare her diminutive other half 's blushes.
Julie - 4 ft 11ins in her stockinged feet - is nicknamed 'Imelda Marcos' by her friends after the deposed Philippine leader's wife owned thousands of pairs of shoes.
For Carla is a good few inches taller than her man - a whole four inches in fact, standing at 5ft 9ins in her stockinged feet while hubby Nicolas Sarkozy is just 5ft 5ins.
We caught her halfway through slipping off her white shoes as she bowed to tradition and went into a family home in her stockinged feet for tea in a remote region of South Korea.
Primary school teacher Julie - 4 ft 11ins in her stockinged feet - said: "I would never normally be seen in public without my heels.
Five feet four inches in her stockinged feet and slightly built, she is the epitome of urban femininity.