stand in good stead

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stand (one) in good stead

Especially of a talent, ability, or experience, to prove particularly useful or beneficial to one in the future. Janet is hoping her internship working in IT will stand her in good stead when she looks for a job after college.
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stand someone in good stead

[for something] to be of great use and benefit to someone. I know that my large vocabulary will always stand me in good stead at college. Any experience you can get in dealing with the public will stand you in good stead no matter what line of work you go into.
See also: good, stand, stead

stand in good stead

Be extremely useful, as in That umbrella stood me in good stead on our trip; it rained every day. [c. 1300]
See also: good, stand, stead
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The Women Officers have already sailed to Mauritius in the peak of monsoons and we are confident that the experience gained will hold them in good stead during the long voyage.
That still stands me in good stead as a journalist/writer today.
But what they have gone through will stand them in good stead for next season, whether they play here or elsewhere.
He knows the size of the task which awaits against the inform Braidmen, but will be hoping a recent experience will stand his men in good stead for what is ahead of them on Saturday.
Wednesday had their moments too but, if Keane has got something to reflect positively on, it is his side's defensive qualities and resilience which will stand them in good stead.
Hint: This sense of stead is used mostly in the phrase stand someone in good stead.
Hopefully the experience of that will stand me in good stead at Tranmere"Everyone in this division is capable of beating each other.
That level of performance will stand us in good stead and very few teams would have beaten us the way we played.
Macaulay may have taken his relentless empiricism too far for some modern libertarians' tastes, but it stood him in good stead when he turned to one of the great controversies of his own day, the new factory system that had transformed Britain amid an export-driven globalization of its economy.
Allcock had his knee washed out and cleaned up but his preparation beforehand where he went through a tough fitness schedule has held him in good stead while a two-week break involving a lot of swimming, is expected to help him on the road to full fitness.
That level of personal attention has stood us in good stead, and we've been fortunate in attracting and retaining a wide variety of commercial and industrial tenants in ATCO owner-managed buildings, among them: attorneys Warshaw Burstein Cohen Schlesinger & Kuh and accountants McGladrey & Pullen at 555 Fifth Avenue; Brookstone at 20 West 57th Street; architects Butler Roger Baskett at 381 Park Avenue South; Horizon Media Inc.
Strength: Experience of last season should stand them in good stead for relegation fight this time around but there were virtually no positives to be taken from last season.