in good graces

in (one's) good graces

In one's favor; having earned one's approval or regard. John's been in my good graces ever since he helped get me out of debt. I was definitely not in Mary's good graces for a while after I lost her cat.
See also: good, grace

*in someone's good graces

Fig. in good with someone; in someone's favor. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I'm not in her good graces so I shouldn't be the one to ask her.
See also: good, grace

in someone's good graces

Also, in someone's good books; in the good graces of. In someone's favor or good opinion, as in Ruth is back in her mother's good graces, or Bill is anxious to get in the boss's good books, or She was always in the good graces of whoever happened to be in charge. The use of good grace dates from the 1400s, grace alluding to the condition of being favored; good books dates from the early 1800s. One antonym is out of someone's good graces, as in Walking out on his speech got him out of the professor's good graces. Another is in someone's bad graces.
See also: good, grace