in good conscience

in good conscience

With respectable motives that would not cause one to feel guilty. Despite the promise of massive bonuses, I could not in good conscience sell our customers sub-prime mortgages. I have to be able to sign off on the company's accounts in good conscience.
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in (all) good conscience

Fig. having good motives; displaying motives that will not result in a guilty conscience. In all good conscience, I could not recommend that you buy this car. In good conscience, she could not accept the reward. She had only been acting as a good citizen should.
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in all/good ˈconscience

while being honest or just: You cannot in all conscience think that is fair pay.
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In contrast, many liberal theologians counsel that a loving person can in good conscience ignore the moral commandments of the Bible against fornication and adultery.
Does this mean a Catholic legislator could ever vote in good conscience for a bill that supports abortion?
In his first essay, he notes the reasons why some IMB missionaries cannot in good conscience sign the document.
Reinsurance agreements may be avoided if the reinsurer can establish "undue concealment or intentional withholding of facts material to the risk, which ought in good conscience to be communicated," but a rescission claim based on fraud "cannot rest on a showing of mere negligent concealment.
No, it is impossible, in good conscience, to vote for Mr.
It's high time we admit reality: no amount of railing or threatening from popes or bishops seems to affect people's decisions on the use of birth control made in good conscience.
In it, the bishops famously wrote that "whoever honestly chooses that course which seems right to him does so in good conscience.
The Winnipeg Statement teaches that sometimes couples may practise contraception in good conscience (n.
Let us suppose that an Ontario judge were now to refuse to perform a civil marriage for a gay or lesbian couple on the ground that as a conscientious Christian, he or she could not in good conscience engage in such a travesty of a true marriage.
As an Evangelical Protestant, Brockie wishes the best for all people, including homosexuals, but simply cannot in good conscience print materials for any gay-rights organization.
Since contraception is intrinsically evil, no one in good conscience can regard the use of these "other methods" as responsible parenthood.
He says that if John Sharpe, a 65-year-old divorced father of two, can use such material in good conscience then why should the court invade his privacy?