in for

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be in for

1. To anticipate or be very likely to experience something, usually that which will be unpleasant or undesirable. They just called another general meeting with the staff. It looks like we're in for more bad news.
2. To be involved with or a part of something for a particular reason or purpose. More usually "be in it for." I'm not really that concerned with nonprofit work. I'm in for the boost it will give my career.
3. To be in prison or similarly detained for a particular reason. What are you in for? My brother is in for stealing a car.

in (something) for (someone)

Involved with or a part of something in order to benefit from it. Why should we help you? What's in it for us? A boost to your resume is in it for you if you take this job.

in for something

due to receive a surprise; due to receive punishment. (When the something is it, the it usually means punishment.) I hope I'm not in for any surprises when I get home. Tommy, you broke my baseball bat. You're really in for it! If I ever catch that chicken thief, he'll be in for it for sure.

in for

1. Guaranteed to get or have, as in We're in for a difficult time. [Late 1500s]
2. in for it. Certain to encounter trouble or punishment, as in When Harry finds out we left early, we'll be in for it. [Late 1600s]
3. Involved or entered for some purpose, as in We're in for the profits. [Mid-1800s] Also see have it in for; in for a penny.

in for

Guaranteed to get or have: You're in for a big surprise.