in flagrante

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in flagrante (delicto)

In the act of committing a crime, misdeed, or immoral act, especially having sexual intercourse with someone other than one's spouse. I heard that he was fired after being caught in flagrante delicto with the new intern.
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in flaˈgrante (delicto)

(from Latin, literary or humorous) if somebody is found or caught in flagrante, they are discovered doing something that they should not be doing, especially having sex: One of the gentlemen was caught in flagrante with the wife of the club’s President, which of course caused a huge scandal.
The meaning of the Latin phrase is ‘in the heat (of the crime)’.
See also: flagrante
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That is why there is only one short text in In Flagrante Two: 'The photographs date from 1973 to 1985 when the prime ministers were: Edward Heath, Conservative (1970-1974), Harold Wilson, Labour (1974-1976), James Callaghan, Labour (1976-1979), Margaret Thatcher, Conservative (1979-1990).
But the widow has an affair with a cousin by marriage and the lovers are caught in flagrante delicto by the son and their kinsmen, and borne on a cart, tied together, to the local magistrate.
As speculation spreads that the woman was murdered because her husband, an East Indian doctor, caught her in flagrante delicto, Cedric becomes increasingly obsessed with the idea that his wife is being unfaithful to him.
The highlight of Kalb's book is his careful dissection of one of the scandal's great non-stories: the allegation that a White House staffer--perhaps a Secret Service agent--had happened upon Clinton and Lewinsky in flagrante in the Oval Office.
When the big chief and a group of visiting Japanese industrialists catch the pair in flagrante delicto, the boss explains that they are "testers" for the company's condom products.
Famed mobster Meyer Lansky obtained photos of Hoover and Tolson in flagrante delicto and held these over the director's head, threatening exposure should Hoover seek to meddle in Lansky's rackets.
framework agreement for the assignment of the lease termination of service and protection of property as a result of evictions are planned or in flagrante delicto in stable aler (lot 1) and the city of milan (lot 2) sites in milan and province.
The Internal Security Forces said Thursday three men were apprehended in flagrante delicto while trying to convince a victim they had U.
I've always said patriotic punters are mugs and those who made the New England Patriots one of the hottest favourites in Hyper Bowl history were looking sicker yesterday than Ashley Cole in flagrante delicto, his local Italian restaurant.
The Law enforcement officers at the Consumer Protection Department in Barka, in collaboration with the Royal Oman Police (ROP) and the Public Prosecution, managed to detain, in flagrante delicto, a number of expat labourers loading large quantities of rotten potatoes (over 27,000 kg) at Barka dump site to distribute to shops, restaurants and cafes as useable despite their certainty that the potatoes are rotten and not good for human consumption.
But sex definitely is as The Tudors sets out to do for merrie olde England what Rome did for Italy with plenty of in flagrante delicto (as they say) to spice up the boring talk of international treaties.
Sonny purred on the phone when he was caught in flagrante.