in favor of

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in favor of (someone or something)

1. In support of. Everyone I've talked to is in favor of the new dress code, so hopefully management will endorse it. All in favor of adopting the new rules say "aye." As a traditionalist, my father was never in favor of the changes they made to the town.
2. On the side of, as of a legal ruling. Most analysts expect the lawsuit to be decided in favor of the plaintiff.
3. Instead choosing (something else). We didn't have room in the budget for both, so we canceled our vacation in favor of a getting a new car.
4. Of a check, made out to a specific recipient. Primarily heard in UK. Please make this out in favor of John's school.
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in favor of someone

to someone, as when writing a check. Please make out a check for $300 in Tom's favor. I'm making out the check in favor of Mr. Brown.
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in favor of

Also, in one's favor.
1. In support of, approving, as in We are in favor of her promotion, or All the reviews were in his favor. [Mid-1500s]
2. To the advantage of, as in The court decided in favor of the defendant. [Mid-1500s]
3. Inscribed or made out to the benefit of, as in The check was made out in favor of the charity. [Mid-1500s]
4. Out of a preference for, as in The commissioner turned down the new road in favor of improved sewers. [Late 1800s]
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in favor of

1. In support of; approving: We are in favor of her promotion to president.
2. To the advantage of: The court decided in favor of the plaintiff.
3. Inscribed or made out to the benefit of: a check in favor of a charity.
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It has been asked why it was thought necessary, that the State magistracy should be bound to support the federal Constitution, and unnecessary that a like oath should be imposed on the officers of the United States, in favor of the State constitutions.
They belong to a younger generation of Palestinian American activists who reject the two-state solution in favor of the idea of binationality, under which Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza would be merged into one secular state where Jews and Palestinians would have equal rights under the law.
3 million shares of MiniMed common stock were voted in favor of the merger agreement.
Ruling in favor of the insurance company, the court sum that the policyholder was under sufficient notice regarding changes in the policy given differences in the deductible, a change in the premium, and the fact that notice was given to an agent.
As part of the total transaction, Intelligent Systems also established a line of credit in favor of PsyCare U.
Clear Lake Telephone purchased and began deploying Next Level's full service platform for video after more than 99 percent of residents voted in favor of a referendum to grant a video franchise license to the phone company to allow it to compete with incumbent cable provider Mediacom.