in fairness

in (all) fairness (to one)

In justification of one or one's actions; in defense of one. I know his remarks are controversial, but, in all fairness to him, they're grounded in pretty concrete scientific evidence. In fairness, I did try to warn her about the implications of a deal like that, but I still should have done more to stop it from happening.
See also: fairness

in (all) ˈfairness (to somebody)

used to introduce a statement that defends somebody who has just been criticized, or that explains another statement that may seem unreasonable: In all fairness to him, he did try to stop her leaving.
See also: fairness
References in classic literature ?
Yet, in fairness, we must add that they are liars, not with intent to mislead, but merely with the tenderest purpose to console.
But, in fairness, they showed that resilience they have shown since the start of the season and right away after the interval we set the tone, just seconds in, and continued to take the game to them.
Gordon, CFA, is a managing director at Duff & Phelps, LLC, specializing in fairness and solvency opinions and valuations for corporate and estate planning.
CAVEATS ARE RIFE IN fairness opinions, limiting the liability of those that prepare them, even when deals go spectacularly sour.
In fairness, with a movie version you can retain the play as written--or as much as might prove palatable to a modern mass audience.
He said: "It is nice to get the spectacular type of goals but, in fairness, if they were all from two yards I would be just as pleased.