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in (one's) face

1. Physically in front of one's face. If you stick that dead bug in my face, I'm going to come after you! Can you believe he just slammed the door in my face like that?
2. slang Aggressively unavoidable; thrust upon one's attention. I hate talking to opinionated people—their views are always in your face. I hate all these pop-up ads in my face when I'm just trying to look something up.
3. slang Aggressively interacting with one. The phrase typically implies physical proximity. The salesmen are going to be in your face the moment you walk in the door, so remember to say you're just browsing. The ref was right to eject him—he was in his face the whole game!
4. An aggressive exclamation of triumph said after the speaker has defeated one or proven one wrong. Although rude, the phrase is often used jocularly, without actual hostility. You said I wouldn't make the team, and guess who's the newest member of the pitching staff? Yeah, that's right, in your face! I told Janet I would get that promotion before she did. In her face!
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*in someone's face

Sl. in a provocative attitude, as if ready to fight or argue. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) Ted's a real pain. He likes to get in your face. He'll argue about anything. I know you are angry, hut don't get in my face. I had nothing to do with it.
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in someone's face

1. In front of or against someone directly, as in He slammed the door in her face. [First half of 1400s] Also see in the face of.
2. get in someone's face. Annoy or pester someone. For example, He's always getting in my face when I'm trying to meet a deadline. Closely related is the imperative, get out of my face, meaning "stop annoying me," as in Get out of my face before I punch you! [Slang; 1920s] Also see in your face; throw in someone's face.
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in someone’s face

mod. irritating someone. (see also get in someone’s face, Get out of my face!, in-your-face.) I wish that the coach wasn’t always in my face about something.
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