in contempt

in contempt (of court)

showing disrespect for a judge or courtroom procedures. The bailiff ejected the lawyer who was held in contempt. The judge found the juror in contempt of court when she screamed at the attorney.
See also: contempt
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The request, made by Defense Counsel Kamran Murtaza on behalf of Chaudhry, asked the top court to allow the defendant to make his arguments before indicting him in contempt case.
Mehmood Akhtar Naqvi said Nehal Hashmi also indulged in contempt of court.
On February 19, Tallal Chaudhry appeared before the Supreme Court of Pakistan in contempt of court case.
In any case, should courts be (hyper)sensitive in contempt matters, or is restraint the recommended course of action?
He requested the bench to fix the instant case for hearing after outcome of the decision of ECP in contempt of court proceedings.
The ASG said that he has passed an order on Monday that he is not in contempt of court.
130) Justice Stevens, for the Court, reinforced the inherent sanctioning power of courts, noting that even in the absence of a textual basis, a bankruptcy court maintains the inherent authority to perform certain functions and has "used [such] statutory and equitable authority to craft various remedies for a range of bad faith conduct: requiring accounting or reporting of assets; enjoining debtors from alienating estate property; penalizing counsel; assessing costs and fees; or holding the debtor in contempt.
The House of Representatives justice committee has cited in contempt Ronnie Dayan, the former driver of Senator Leila de Lima, for snubbing the congressional inquiry into the proliferation of drugs at the New Bilibid Prison.
The former shadow Home Secretary told the BBC's Andrew Marr show: "I'm going to put down a contempt motion, a motion which says that Tony Blair has held the House in contempt.
If the child is found in contempt and sentenced to secure detention, on motion by any party the court must review the placement of the child to determine whether it is appropriate for the child to remain detained.
There are many uncertainties and inconsistencies in contempt of court in Malaysia.
Judge Chamberlain Haller: If I hear anything other than "guilty" or "not guilty," you'll be in contempt.
he court also reserved its decision on employing the assistance of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) and presidents of the provincial bar associations in contempt proceedings.
When TiVo found out, it asked the district court to hold EchoStar in contempt for violating the 2006 injunction.
You wouldn't want your clients engaging in contempt prior to examination.