in cahoots (with someone)

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in cahoots (with someone)

In close, often secretive or conspiratorial cooperation with someone. It turned out that the business tycoon was in cahoots with local law enforcement to have the investigation dropped. We've been in cahoots with a company overseas who can produce the product for half the price.
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in cahoots (with someone)

Rur. in conspiracy with someone; in league with someone. The mayor is in cahoots with the construction company that got the contract for the new building. Those two have been in cahoots before.
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in cahoots with someone

If one person is in cahoots another, they are working together secretly to do something, usually something dishonest. He was accused of being in cahoots with the kidnappers. Note: You can also say that two people are in cahoots. They worked in cahoots to set the whole thing up without me knowing.
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in cahoots

working or conspiring together, often dishonestly; in collusion. informal
In cahoots is recorded in the early 19th century, in the south and west of the USA, in the sense of ‘partnership’. The origin of cahoot is uncertain; it may come either from the French word cahute meaning ‘a hut’ or from cohort .
1998 Spectator Labour knows that. So do the Tories and that's why the two of them are in cahoots.
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'PNP, LTO involved in car rental scam' !-- -- Emmanuel Tupas (The Philippine Star) - June 24, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Scalawags from the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Land Transportation Office (LTO) are allegedly in cahoots with groups involved in a car rental scam, a police official said yesterday.
The plaintiff would contend at the trial that the defendant had given its blessings to the supposed holder to perpetrate fraud on it, and or that the defendant is in cahoots with the supposed holder to perpetrate the named fraud.
This is injustice, not accountability, he said, adding that NAB and PTI are in cahoots with each other.
LAHORE -- PPP Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Thursday accused PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif of being in cahoots with the establishment for the past 30 years.
'Why give the sole task to a team that is being suspected of being in cahoots with drug lords?
"Delgani String Quartet in CAHOOTS With Western Tanagers" will fuse classical music with Americana folk to raise money for the White Bird Clinic's CAHOOTS program, a mobile crisis response team.
ISLAMABAD -- Senator Raza Rabbani has accused government of being in cahoots with TTP, while ANP senator Zahid Khan wanted clarification over interior minister's claim that court judge had been killed accidentally by his own guard.
A GOVERNMENT minister yesterday demanded evidence to support claims that Customs officials were in cahoots with a diesel "mafia" which was smuggling Bahraini diesel out of the country.
The humiliating climbdown left the Lib Dem leader with nothing to show from two years in cahoots with the Tories as his plans for an elected Upper House crumbled to dust.
At a fundraising event for Hopefield Animal Sanctuary this week, LeLe gushed: "It takes time as I want to make this album my best yet." In cahoots with producer of the moment FRASER T SMITH, Leona hopes to release it in the New Year and tour Europe and the US at the end of 2012.
THE new smear is that Alex Salmond and Scotland are in cahoots with Iran.
Wife Maxine, the former top amateur rider and assistant to Lady Herries, said yesterday: "Graham has been for a check up in Harley Street this morning, and the cardiologist, in cahoots with Addenbrooke's Hospital, has given him the green light to start rehabilitating.
And Rob, who is in cahoots with his bonkers wife, helps her try to steal his baby.
Apparently, this vertically-challenged guy was in cahoots with the whole bar, as the entire crowd of people followed as Machnau and the midget were being dragged out the door.
As the CIA'S deputy bureau chief in Mogadishu during the U.S.' Somali misadventure, Spinelli was responsible for ousting Mohamed Farah Aideed, the local warlord who was in cahoots with the nascent al Qaeda organization.