in backyard

in one's (own) backyard

Fig. very close to one, where one lives, or where one is. That kind of thing is quite rare. Imagine it happening right in your backyard. You always think of something like that happening to someone else. You never expect to find it in your own backyard.
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THE Department of Agriculture (DA) is keen on disallowing the sale of swill feeds, which experts suspect as one of the possible causes of the abnormal hog deaths in backyard farms recently.
Similarly, great powers keep a close watch on internal developments in backyard states and may attempt to influence the outcome of those developments ranging, for example, from the application of political and economic pressure, to the provision of financial aid, to outright military intervention in order to safeguard the stronger power's vital interests.
Because little is known about the prevalence of AIV in backyard flocks contiguous to commercial farms, we aimed to quantify the seroprevalence of AIV and H5 subtype and to identify risk factors for infection in backyard flocks near commercial farms affected by HPAI H5N8 during the 2016-2017 epidemic.
In the cooking contest, we will promote backyard gardening by showing that vegetables planted in backyard can be a cheap source of nutritious food, Buccahan added.
Overall high antibiotic resistance was observed against Amoxycillin and Tetracycline with percentage resistance of 71.4% and 57.1% in commercial broiler, whereas 80.3% and 82.1% in backyard poultry respectively.
The living room displays a large wall of floor to ceiling windows overlooking the deck and fenced in backyard. This bungalow style house will make the perfect investment to renew this gem to its original beauty.
The 43% decline in the overall number of avian submissions from its peak in 2007 to 2012 demonstrates that the increase in Backyard Flock submissions is significant and cannot be attributed to a general increase in avian submissions.
Instead, they're rallying government officials to prohibit burning household waste in backyard barrels.
70) is highly deceptive in implying that avid recyclers are responsible for more dioxin in backyard burning.
1997) (area in backyard fenced on three sides was within curtilage).
'Stocks of cattle in backyard farms declined by 0.74 percent from 2.40 million heads in 2018 to 2.39 million heads in 2019,' the PSA said.
Support from NGO along with Galvmed, a pioneer in poultry farming, will feature 8,842 families comprising of SHGs and tribal groups, in backyard poultry farming.
But three children drowning in backyard pools within a few days is causing public safety officials to remind parents and guardians to be hyper-vigilant this summer.
Esmael Mangudadatu demonstrates to his constituent-adult and children basic steps in vegetable seed germination and farming in backyards on separate occasions in Buluan town in 2013.