in an undertone

in an undertone

In a subtle, low-key, or hushed manner; quietly or understatedly. Usually but not always used in reference to speech or sound. I heard him state in an undertone that he wasn't surprised at the poor reception, given management's inadequate budget for the project, but I don't think anyone else heard him. In an undertone, the film upends the cliché of violence as a means of resolution that is so often the focus of other action films.
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in an ˈundertone


in ˈundertones

in a quiet voice: ‘I must leave now,’ he said in an undertone. OPPOSITE: at the top of your voice
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References in classic literature ?
"Why, Wakem is making himself particularly amiable to your cousin," said Stephen, in an undertone to Lucy; "is it pure magnanimity?
`Call the next witness.' And he added in an undertone to the Queen, `Really, my dear, YOU must cross-examine the next witness.
The latter, without making any resistance, said, in an undertone:
They sat side by side and chattered to one another, with smothered laughter: now and then they glanced at Philip and one of them said something in an undertone; they both giggled, and Philip blushed awkwardly, feeling that they were making fun of him.
It is obligatory for butchers to say Takbeer preferably loudly or at least in an undertone so that butcher might listen to his voice; otherwise, slaughtered chicken becomes unlawful/permissible (Haram) to eat.
Not only concerned authorities but every responsible citizen should play his role to propagate this issue and bind butchers to say Takbeer loudly at the time of slaughtering or at least in an undertone so that chicken remains lawful/permissible (Halal) to eat and it is better to buy chicken only when chicken is slaughtered before customer.