in addition to

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in addition to (someone)

Along or in conjunction with someone else. A: "No, Holly's coming too, in addition to your mother." B: "OK, I'll put out two more place settings." In addition to existing security staff, we've hired another two dozen guards to help patrol the grounds during the event.
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in addition to (something)

Along or in conjunction with (something else). In addition to the job's other responsibilities, you will need to stay late whenever the senior staff has to. And, in addition to all those chores, my brother isn't allowed to go out with his friends for a whole month!
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in addition to

Over and above; besides.
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This, combined with the fact that they resorted to doing so at a time when the army was relatively weak as an institution after years of languishing under the rule of Hosni Mubarak, in addition to the period following the outbreak of the January 25 th revolution, led to many within its ranks to feel confused as to how best to go about the process.
In addition to authoring live mathematical content using JavaServer Pages, Java applets, or Maplet applications, users can now create technical documents in Maple 10, incorporating embedded GUI components, and then publish these documents to their MapleNet server.
Vision now supports Macintosh OS X, in addition to Microsoft Windows 9x, Me, 2000 and XP.
The new facility sits on five acres dedicated to stocking Republic's multi-million dollar new and pre-owned machines and spare parts inventory, which is in addition to the already substantial parts inventory the company carries at its Florence, Ky., facility and the parts that Liebherr North America stocks in Newport News, Va.
In addition to the taxes, the state will most likely assess interest and penalties for late filing.
In addition to Web browser access for internal Web applications and file servers, INS consultants get full VPN application access with additional network and desktop protection by using Aventail Connect, a Web-delivered Windows agent.
In addition to Web-enabling SQL-BackTrack, this integration rounds out BMC Software's SmartDBA offerings for Oracle, making BMC Software the only vendor that enables database administrators (DBAs) to execute the performance, administration and recovery tasks necessary to manage Oracle databases, all from a single web-based console.
Often overlooked in the hype about criminals is the fact that all the deportees have already served their sentences in state or local prisons, in addition to being held in indefinite INS detention.
Readers of Measuring Mamma's Milk, in addition to learning much about the above issues, will be rewarded with the fruits of Whitaker's demographic work in a village in Emilia Romagna, showing the specifics of how rates of infant mortality declined sharply, as the primary cause of youthful death shifted from contagion to congenital mishap.
In addition to the 91,000 legal Mexican immigrants who arrive each year, the Census Bureau estimates there are nearly 4 million illegal Mexican immigrants in this country.
In addition to the monetary reward incentive, the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), a component agency of the U.S.
Our information, in addition to being essential for our own operations, has been of great value and service to both the United States State Department and the Israeli Government.
In addition to simultaneous 75th anniversary parties, staff members are celebrating every 75 days with different office events.