in a tizzy

in a tizz(y)

In a nervous, confused, agitated, or excited state. He's always in a tizzy before board meetings, so it's going to be a long couple of days. The Internet is in a tizzy over his incoherent tweet. The pop star's fans will be in a tizz when he arrives.
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*in a tizzy

Fig. in an excited and confused condition. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) John is in a tizzy because we're an hour late. Mary was in a tizzy when she couldn't find her keys.
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in a tizzy

mod. in a state of mental disorder. Fred is all in a tizzy.
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Summary: On the World Water Day, consumers in Dubai were in a tizzy over the safety of a leading company's bottled mineral water after messages said its 500ml bottle contained high levels of bromate
THE COAST guard and the navy are in a tizzy after some Somalis surfaced on Lakshadweep shores.
THE LITTLE fella was all in a tizzy because he couldn't contact one of his schoolfriends to invite him to his birthday party.
We hear: "Flunkies were in a tizzy yesterday when Leona refused to wear the leather shoes for the shoot.
The experts get in a tizzy over items including a phonograph once owned by Scottish entertainer Harry Lauder.
The upheavals of life, including her mother's remarriage, have Jes in a tizzy. What Jes does not plan on is getting a new stepsister who is her age, beautiful, witty, and the apple of her father's eye.
Airlines, governments and travel operators are in a tizzy, worrying how global recession and terrorism will affect tourism.
No matter who's got you all in a tizzy, sometimes you just want to blow a gasket and tell them all to just buzz off.
DESIGNERS ARE IN A TIZZY. The trade papers are stuffed with "For Your Consideration" ads.
One remembers a full audience, packed into a dilapidated loft, waiting hours for a performance to begin as Smith puttered around or ran about in a tizzy adjusting a set or costume just off-stage while over and over again recordings narrating Jackie Kennedy's childhood alternated with the life of St.
IRISH TV chiefs are in a tizzy as Coronation Street threatens to topple rural Glencoe as the Republic's top soap.
An insider said: "They were in a tizzy getting plans rearranged.
Count Thibault and his servant Andre are in a tizzy after being transported from the 12th century to modern-day Chicago.