in/out of favour

in favor (with someone)

Highly regarded (by someone); widely accepted or enjoyed (by someone). Primarily heard in US. John had been in favor with his boss ever since he managed to secure that lucrative client. Though many were skeptical of its success, the sequel is largely in favor with the devoted fanbase. The new fashion has been in favor for a few weeks now.
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in favor of (someone or something)

1. In support of someone or something. Everyone I've talked to is in favor of the new dress code, so hopefully management will endorse it. All in favor of adopting the new rules say "aye." As a traditionalist, my father was never in favor of the changes they made to the town.
2. On the side of someone or something, as of a legal ruling. Most analysts expect the lawsuit to be decided in favor of the plaintiff.
3. Instead choosing something else. We didn't have room in the budget for both, so we canceled our vacation in favor of getting a new car.
4. Of a check, made out to a specific recipient. Primarily heard in UK. Please make this out in favor of John's school.
See also: favor, of

out of favor (with one)

Not supported, preferred, or highly regarded (by one any) longer. John had been out of favor with his boss ever since he managed to drive away the firm's most lucrative client. They were a fad, that's all—they're already falling out of favor.
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in someone's favor

1. to someone's advantage or credit. (Especially in sports scores, as in the examples.) The score was ten to twelve in our favor. At the end of the second half, the score was forty to three in the other team's favor. 2. *in someone's favor liked by someone; approved of by someone. (*Typically: be ~; get [into] ~.) John might be able to help me. I hope I'm currently in his favor. My mother is mad at me. I'm certainly not in her favor. I'll try to get into her favor.
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in favor (of someone or something)

approving, supporting, or endorsing someone or something. Are you in favor of lower taxes? Of course, I'm in favor.
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*out of favor (with someone)

no longer desirable or preferred by someone. (*Typically: be ~; go ~.) I can't ask John to help. I'm out of favor with him. That kind of thing has been out of favor for years.
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out of favor

see under in favor
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in/out of ˈfavour (with somebody)

supported/not supported or liked/not liked by somebody: I seem to be out of favour with the head of department after my remarks at the meeting.He stays late every afternoon because he wants to stay in favour with the boss.
See also: favour, of, out
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