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improve (up)on something

to make something better. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Do you really think you can improve upon this song? No one can improve on my favorite melody.
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improve on

Make beneficial additions or changes to, as in The company is trying to improve on the previous model. [Late 1600s]
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improve the shining hour

make good use of time; make the most of your time. literary
This expression comes from Isaac Watts's Divine Songs for Children ( 1715 ): ‘How doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour’.
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improve on

or improve upon
To make beneficial additions or changes to something; make something better: We can improve on this room by painting it. I improved upon the recipe by adding more spices.
See also: improve, on
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A survey on classroom instructions revealed that the use of information technology for self-modeling, such as video-recordings, self-monitoring using Self-Efficacy and Evaluation Scales, helped learners and instructors improve performance and self-efficacy.
Be sure to share even very small improvements and if there was no improvement, brainstorm what to do differently next time to improve.
Stereon 842A pelletized multiblock linear copolymer is compoundable or dryblended with PS, PP, or PE to improve impact, flexibility, and tear strength.
Almost immediately, Lean improves productivity by a reported 40 percent, and can reduce some space needs by 50 percent.
The improved wet-web strength will reduce web breaks and allow for improved uptime or, if possible, an increase in machine speed--both of which will improve on-machine efficiency," said Smith.
As for who the trustees will be, O'Connell said they will look for people who ``are familiar with these types of schools, people with experience, to make recommendations, improve student achievement and change the culture at these challenging schools.
Cisco's Medical Grade Network Solution is helping healthcare organizations all over the world to improve their services and patient care dramatically.
Improve the ratio of releases sent versus releases used.
Is it possible to improve the financial performance of SNFs despite the chaotic nature of the payment system?
Nash is currently involved in a $2 million-a-year research project to develop ways to improve clinical guidelines and other quality tools so that documentation of value can be proven.
The Office for Victims of Crime (OVC), which provides funding to States to support victim compensation and assistance programs and works to improve our Nation's response to victims of crime and their families.
The center will work to improve the "Safepac" proprietary furnace control system that has been installed in 10 Elkem plants.
Top-line products and extensive service offerings are helping the retailer to improve customer satisfaction, even while it has added many stores over the last year.
Proprietary concentrates of silicone fluids for all thermoplastics reportedly improve mold release, reduce overall cycle time, reduce rejects, and improve part wear and bearing properties.
To help our readers get more for less, we asked the wet end experts to weigh in on how effective chemical use can help them reduce costs, improve efficiency, and meet environmental targets.