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improve (up)on (something)

To make something better in future attempts or iterations. The company always improves upon its previous hardware, making small tweaks and fixes of issues that irked users the last time around. The only way to improve on your writing is to just keep writing as much as you can—while also taking on board advice and constructive criticism from others, of course. Do you have any ideas for how we can improve on this ad campaign?
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improve the shining hour

old-fashioned To maximize one's productivity; to make the most of one's time. This notion that children should at all times strive to improve the shining hour—foregoing play and rest in the name of education and work—means many children are being deprived of childhood itself.
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improve (up)on something

to make something better. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) Do you really think you can improve upon this song? No one can improve on my favorite melody.
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improve on

Make beneficial additions or changes to, as in The company is trying to improve on the previous model. [Late 1600s]
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improve the shining hour

make good use of time; make the most of your time. literary
This expression comes from Isaac Watts's Divine Songs for Children ( 1715 ): ‘How doth the little busy bee Improve each shining hour’.
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improve on

or improve upon
To make beneficial additions or changes to something; make something better: We can improve on this room by painting it. I improved upon the recipe by adding more spices.
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This view is an essential part of the late Victorian sense of mission in settling Africa, for it was the new image of Africans as improvable, as educable, that helped to inspire the English to take on this enormous continent.
It is this part of Birmingham's record over the years that should have been more substantially improvable, and, if the DCLG's naughty list recorded the same councils' NDR collection rates, Birmingham would be bottom.
While Ameriks concedes that we must read Kant's doctrine of the moral law as a "fact of reason" dogmatically--that is, as presenting our subjection to this law as an improvable and yet fully objective fact about ourselves--we should also recognize that the path Kant takes to justify this claim is not baldly dogmatic.
It will demonstrate to the education system authorities and planners that how investment in training emotional intelligence skills, as trainable and improvable capacities, can reduce job stress and burnout.
In general terms, the results obtained suggest good, albeit improvable, psychometric properties of the scale, coinciding to a great extent with those obtained in the original study.
It makes great sense to establish ventures in Islamic banking in Malaysia to further penetrate the region, catering to, for example, a massive market of Indonesia's 204mn Muslims or even Thailand's 3.2mn, both countries where Islamic banking is in demand, but the supply is improvable. Our columnist Dr Arno Maierbrugger is Editor-in-Chief of, a news portal owned by Inside Investor focusing on Southeast Asian economic topics as well as trade and investment relations between Asean and the GCC.
3.2 Improvable ideas: supporting the exploration of ideas and related/contrasting ideas, and encouraging idea improvement.
Indeed, the only way that I can think of improving it (if it's improvable) would be to accessorise the lemon with a pair of those plastic eyes you buy in craft shops, the pupils of which jiggle when you shake them.
In the first Vindication, she writes that humans are naturally equal because "there are rights which men inherit at their birth, as rational creatures, who were raised above the brute creation by their improvable faculties." (23) The second Vindication makes the same point, referring specifically to women: "How grossly do they insult us who thus advise us only to render ourselves gentle, domestic brotes." (24) The differences among humans are insignificant, she implies, when compared to the difference between humans and animals.
The chi square value was significant, [chi square](44, N = 254) = 188.71, p = .000, and the indicators of global fit were improvable (GFI = .86, AGFI = .79, AIC = 232.71, BIC = 310.53) although the RMSR value (.001) was adequate.
The League of Kyoto seeks to prevent what looks far more to be a geological and natural circumstance--and to attempt to do so with mechanisms that are unproved, improvable, and unacceptable to significant human actors.
The main advantage we expect the advice taker to have is that its behavior will be improvable merely by making statements to it, telling it about its environment and what is wanted from it.
Though flawed in significant and improvable ways, the stated intent of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) is commendable.