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imprison someone in something

to lock someone up in something. The authorities imprisoned him in a separate cell. Bob imprisoned Timmy in the closet for an hour.
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Pelican Bay imprisons 3,500 people, 1,500 of whom are locked in solitary confinement.
The wall around Gaza is just as evil as the wall the Nazis built around the Jewish ghetto in Poland as it serves the same purpose, to allow an aggressor to enjoy the spoils of war, and to imprison the local population.
We are living in an age when anti-state charges and 'terrorist' labels have become the preferred means that governments use to intimidate, detain, and imprison journalists," said CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon.
rainbowbrite I also live within the race boundaries, and please imprison me next year, in fact imprison me twice a year.
The government exploits the public's collective fear as an excuse to persecute and imprison Muslims, political dissidents, and gays and lesbians.
Second is In the Name of the Father, a film about a petty robber from Belfast named Gerry Conlon, whom the British implicate and imprison for an IRA bombing of a pub that kills several people.
In Romania, Article 200 of the penal code--"causing a public scandal--has been used to imprison countless gays and lesbians for up to five years.
In a statement, the committee said "[Iran] continues to unjustly imprison Americans and repress the Iranian people with terrible human rights abuses.