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imprint (something) in(to) (someone or something)

To retain something in one's memory. Being rejected by her crush has definitely imprinted a sense of anxiety into Sarah's brain, at least as far as romantic relationships are concerned. I try to imprint the importance of strong morals into my kids' minds every day.
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imprint (something) on(to) (someone or something)

1. To print something, such as text, onto something else. How long do you think it will take for them to imprint that message on a t-shirt?
2. To retain something in one's memory. Being rejected by her crush has definitely imprinted a sense of anxiety on Sarah, at least as far as romantic relationships are concerned. I try to imprint the importance of strong morals onto my kids every day.
3. Of a young animal, to recognize someone or something as its parent or a similarly trustworthy figure. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is not typically used between "imprint" and "on." That gosling seems to have imprinted on its caretaker at the rehabilitation center.
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imprint on (someone or something)

1. Of a newborn animal, to form an early social bond with some person or other animal and recognize them as its parent as a result. The duckling imprinted on the girl who had hatched it in the incubator.
2. To impart a very strong or vivid impression in one's mind. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "imprint" and "on." The speaker imprinted a great sense of hope and vigor on the audience. The memory of that fateful meeting is forever imprinted on me.
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imprint something on(to) something

1. to print something onto something. We imprinted your name onto your stationery and your business cards. Please imprint my initials on this label.
2. and imprint something into something to record something firmly in the memory of someone. The severe accident imprinted a sense of fear onto Lucy's mind. Imprint the numbers into your brain and never forget them!
3. and imprint something into something to make a permanent record of something in an animal's brain. (As with newly hatched fowl, which imprint the image of the first moving creature they see into their brains.) The sight of its mother imprinted itself on the little gosling's brain. Nature imprints this information into the bird's memory.
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imprint something with something

to print something with a message. Amy imprinted each bookmark with her name. Each bookmark was imprinted with her name.
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Vita Histria - an imprint dedicated to academic books on a wide-range of subjects;
Jed Lyons, R&L group publisher and CEO, stated that the company will continue to release new titles under the Applause, Backbeat and Limelight imprints, while other new books will come out under the R&L name.
Mr Milan Syacutekora discovered the first area with dinosaur imprints in the western part of the High Tatras about 40 years ago, said Martin Kundraacutet from the Centre of Interdisciplinary Biosciences of Pavol Jozef Scaronafaacuterik University in Koscaronice, as quoted by the TASR newswire.The locality did not contain bones, which means the fossils are not remains of dead bodies but a record of their active days, Kundraacutet added.
This is not unusual, as Grauman's Chinese Theatre does allow temporary imprints when promoting a project or when the imprints are from fictional characters, such as R2-D2 and C-3PO from Star Wars .
"Having the information imprinted on all four sides of a corrugated secondary case or a retail-ready box increases the efficiency of the handling, as the cases don't have to be oriented in a specific way for the data to be read," explains Michael Sawyer, divisional director of product management and marketing at Diagraph Marking and Coding.
Marking a big step in the public-private partnership to make lasting contributions to society and the nation, Bank Muscat has drawn up a wide ranging plan under the Imprints platform to engage different segments of society.
These results are comparable to a study16 which revealed the sensitivity, specificity and accuracy rates as 100% for class II and class V cytology lesions on touch imprints. Conversely, sensitivity, diagnostic accuracy and NPV were 87%, 95% and 85% respectively for class III and IV lesions.
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Another major remaining question with regard to genomic imprinting is how the maternal and paternal DNA methylation imprints are established in the female and male germ cells in a locus-specific manner.
The imprints from benign lesions were found to be normocellular and a few were hypocellular as well.
As part of the agreement, a new spin-out firm will be established that will retain its original Molecular Imprints name.
In view of limited studies on this subject in literature, present study was undertaken to evaluate the role of intraoperative pathological consultation (frozen section and tissue imprint cytology) in bone tumors and tumor-like lesions in making the diagnosis as well as in assessing the surgical margin status.
Soon, Park Avenue Imprints became the best one-stop shop in Western New York for every kind of custom-imprinted and embroidered product.
Dedicated to affordable, accessible, and accomplished genre fiction, these four imprints will have unprecedented potential, both in terms of breadth and scope."
Any differences in water absorption between successive imprints may be the result of the impact of different metals on the structure of the cavity.