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imprint something on(to) something

1. to print something onto something. We imprinted your name onto your stationery and your business cards. Please imprint my initials on this label.
2. and imprint something into something to record something firmly in the memory of someone. The severe accident imprinted a sense of fear onto Lucy's mind. Imprint the numbers into your brain and never forget them!
3. and imprint something into something to make a permanent record of something in an animal's brain. (As with newly hatched fowl, which imprint the image of the first moving creature they see into their brains.) The sight of its mother imprinted itself on the little gosling's brain. Nature imprints this information into the bird's memory.
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imprint something with something

to print something with a message. Amy imprinted each bookmark with her name. Each bookmark was imprinted with her name.
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The PROSPER S-Series Imprinting Systems include the S5, S10, S20, and S30, available in black or CMYK configurations.
Genomic imprinting of PPP1R9A encoding neurabin l in skeletal muscle and extra-embryonic tissues.
In the catalogue, Didi-Huberman quotes a passage from Gilbert Simondon four times over (I translate it freely): "In order to conceive of imprinting itself, it would be necessary to enter into the mold along with the clay, to become mold and day at one and the same time, to live through and experience their mutual operation.
High- quality imprinting capabilities make this print engine ideal for personalized addressing and direct mail messaging, forms and catalogs, barcodes, statements and bills, and lottery and gaming tickets.
A desire to improve the techniques available to purify chemical components of mixtures led Mosbach to molecular imprinting.
The NPS300 offers various imprinting techniques and is a cost-effective alternative to high-resolution e-beam lithography for printing sub-20 nm geometries.
Imprinting, however, silences one of the parental copies of a few important genes.
They found that 1 gram of the material took up about 17 milligrams of cholesterol--30 percent more than the same polymer prepared without molecular imprinting.
a leading supplier of business-to-business corporate printing and safety products, announced today that it has selected PurchasePro's eMarketMaker solution to create an electronic marketplace for the imprinting, hardhat, corporate merchandise, and signage industry.
In the 24 hours after hatching, baby chicks learn to recognize and follow their mothers by a process known as imprinting.
Conde also offers a complete line of non-wearable fabric items for sublimation imprinting including mouse pads, wrist rests, beverage insulators and coasters.
The researchers built their synthetic antibodies out of polymers, using a technique called molecular imprinting to construct a cast around a target molecule.
Conde Systems, Inc, a leader in digital imprinting, today introduced of a revolutionary patented fabric designed specifically for sublimation transfer.
But a theory called genomic imprinting is putting a new wrinkle into Mendelian genetics: A gene's expression may depend on which parent contributed in (SN: 5/20/89, p.
Using a common underlying technology and fabrication platform, referred to as Molecular imprinting, molecular detection schemes can be rapidly designed and demonstrated to industrial partners.