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imprint something on(to) something

1. to print something onto something. We imprinted your name onto your stationery and your business cards. Please imprint my initials on this label.
2. and imprint something into something to record something firmly in the memory of someone. The severe accident imprinted a sense of fear onto Lucy's mind. Imprint the numbers into your brain and never forget them!
3. and imprint something into something to make a permanent record of something in an animal's brain. (As with newly hatched fowl, which imprint the image of the first moving creature they see into their brains.) The sight of its mother imprinted itself on the little gosling's brain. Nature imprints this information into the bird's memory.
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imprint something with something

to print something with a message. Amy imprinted each bookmark with her name. Each bookmark was imprinted with her name.
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However, he says, "imagine that the color gene is imprinted [inactivated] in females.
The classification of imprinted and non-imprinted genes on the basis of genomic sequence characteristics was proposed using distinction functions, and the mechanisms representing monoallelic expression of imprinted genes can be used in a genome-wide prediction to verify putative candidate imprinted genes (Ke et al.
The imprentation of the PVA films has been tested by comparing the amount of IN absorbed in the imprinted polymeric matrix with the amount of IN absorbed in the non-imprinted polymer.
All the imprinted genes identified so far are tracked in complementary efforts by Morison's and Jirtle's groups and the Mammalian Genetics Unit of the U.
Apparel, accessories, imprinted items, printing services, promotional items, novelties
Molecularly Imprinted Sensors in Analytical Chemistry addresses the most recent advances and challenges relating to molecularly imprinted polymer sensors, and is the only book to compile this information in a single source.
Similarly imprinted filter materials could be used to remove other molecules that "we literally don't want to have in the product," says Marquez.
ATLANTA -- Back to school season is just around the corner again and summer is the most important time of the year to stock up on imprinted school spirit items and get partnerships on track for the school year to come.
While a mammalian embryo inherits similar sets of genes from its mom and dad, certain genes are imprinted.
SAN DIEGO, May 20 /PRNewswire/ -- To prepare spectators for a pin collecting extravaganza in Atlanta, Imprinted Products unveiled the Imprinted Products Pin Trading Guide of Olympic Pins, a pocket-size pin collecting guide including every Olympic pin manufactured by the official pin licensee.
Researchers typically resurrect such imprinted pulses by restarting the control laser.
Cameras are imprinted with a client's name, logo, or message in one-color, two-color, or full-color customization.
The DeCaf Company LLC, the emerging leader in the development of Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPS), today announced commencement of the licensing of its patent for the removal of MTBE from contaminated water.
Migeon speculates that Tsix controls imprinted, but not random, X inactivation.