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imprint something on(to) something

1. to print something onto something. We imprinted your name onto your stationery and your business cards. Please imprint my initials on this label.
2. and imprint something into something to record something firmly in the memory of someone. The severe accident imprinted a sense of fear onto Lucy's mind. Imprint the numbers into your brain and never forget them!
3. and imprint something into something to make a permanent record of something in an animal's brain. (As with newly hatched fowl, which imprint the image of the first moving creature they see into their brains.) The sight of its mother imprinted itself on the little gosling's brain. Nature imprints this information into the bird's memory.
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imprint something with something

to print something with a message. Amy imprinted each bookmark with her name. Each bookmark was imprinted with her name.
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Out of the 50 cases diagnosed as carcinoma on imprint cytology 48(96.
Andrew Francey, partner at Watson Burton, said: "We are pleased to have assisted the shareholders of Imprint Group on this strategically important deal.
Technique for imprint smear: The imprints were prepared according to technique described by Tribe (1973) [2]: (i) Slides properly labelled by glass marking pencil.
Matter imprints of stored light could be manipulated in the atomic cloud to produce quantum messages, which could then be sent out in the form of light.
In addition, Monica Harris, who launched Arabesque is creating an African American romance fiction imprint for Dorchester Publishing.
If HarperCollins had not in 2001 launched Rayo, the country's first English/Spanish-language Latino imprint, or division, at a major publishing house, I'm not sure it would have been so easy.
Then there was Fronte (Forehead), 1997, with the same creased forehead, from which dirtied tape had been peeled away to make an imprint, through which light had been shone, turning imprint into screen projection, growing it to the size of the wall, and transforming the negative of the skin crease into the positive of the line and back again into the negative of the light-traced space, emerging between the trails of the drawing hand.
As a medieval monk transcribes an illuminated manuscript with painstaking care and devotion, each leaf of my artwork carries an imprint of the Divine--the furry silk of lamb's ear, the intricate veins of a kudzu leaf, the stout ridges of a sycamore leaf.
Henderson, NewsRx's founder and CEO, said 29 legal titles will be published under the company's new LawRx imprint and 15 business titles under the IncRx imprint.
The Keyboard Stamp, developed by Sound Expressions, is a rubber stamp that leaves an imprint of a piano keyboard about 1/2" high by just under 1" wide.
Forest of Peace will remain an active imprint with its publisher, Thomas Turkle, staying on as a consultant during and after the transition.
Business communications company Eurotel Ltd has provided an upgraded telecomms system to Imprint Publishers, a UK-based publishing firm.
Molecular imprinting involves the synthesis of polymers in the presence of an imprint or template compound (the substance to be analyzed or analyte) to produce cavities on the polymer that are selective for that analyte.
Structurally similar molecules, such as enantiomers, were successfully separated by HPLC using an imprint of one of the enantiomers as the stationary phase.