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impress (someone) as (something)

To please and affect someone by exhibiting a particular skill or manner. I think she'll make a great receptionist—she certainly impressed me as a calm person, especially under pressure.
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impress by (something)

To please and affect someone by exhibiting a particular skill or manner. A noun or pronoun can be used between "impress" and "by." I'm very impressed by your ability to stay calm under pressure, which is certainly what we need in a receptionist. You really impressed the committee by your bold thinking.
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impress (someone) with (something)

To please and affect someone by exhibiting a particular skill or manner. You really impressed the committee with your bold plan for the initiative.
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impress (something) into (something)

To press or push something into something else. I impressed the baby's foot into the ink pad and then onto the piece of paper.
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impress (something) (up)on (someone)

1. To press or push something into something else in order to make a mark or print. I impressed the baby's footprint on the sheet of paper.
2. To put forth effort so that someone learns or remembers something. I try to impress the importance of strong morals upon my kids every day.
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impress someone as something

to be memorable to someone as a particular type of person. She didn't impress me as a particularly wise individual. Liz impressed us all as a skilled artisan.
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impress someone by something

to make someone notice one's good qualities. You impress me by your willingness to serve. We were all impressed by your candor.
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impress someone with someone or something

to awe someone with someone or something. Are you trying to impress me with your wisdom? She impressed him with her friend, who was very tall.
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impress something into something

to press something into something. I impressed the key into the wax, making a perfect copy. Andy impressed his thumb into the pie.
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impress something (up)on someone

to make someone fully aware of something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) You must impress these facts upon everyone you meet. She impressed its importance on me.
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impress something (up)on something

to press something into the surface of something, leaving a mark. The ribbing of my socks impressed a pattern upon my calves. The heavy vase impressed its outline on the pine tabletop.
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impress on

or impress upon
1. To produce something, as a mark or pattern, on a surface by pressure; imprint something on a surface: We impressed the stencil outline on the fabric.
2. To impart a strong or vivid impression of something in the mind of someone: The singing coach impressed her theories of music on me.
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Wasps' director of rugby Dai Young said: "We've been really impressed with David's performances and are really pleased he will be with us on a full-time basis.
Shaikh Mohammad was so impressed that he now wants to meet the girl, Dubai Media Office tweeted on Thursday afternoon.
After capturing a silver medal in the 2012 Olympic Games, Maroney's expression of dissatisfaction launched a worldwide viral meme phenomenon known as "McKayla is Not Impressed.
He learned the dance we do together the day we shot it so I was impressed he didn't drop me," she added.
3 : to give a clear idea of <She impressed on us her concerns.
You want to impress a new manager but the fact he already knows about you and maybe seems quite impressed by you is half the battle won.
EL SEGUNDO - It's been a good week for Kings prospect Brady Murray, who has performed well at the team's development camp and impressed management with his improved strength and skill.
NSO Cabarrus visited the Craigs at the fair in 2005 and was impressed with the girls' knowledge and handling of their 4-H hogs, as well as their willingness to assist disabled veterans.
WASHINGTON -- Archbishop Pietro Sambi, new papal nuncio to the United States, said that he is impressed by the vitality of U.
I was impressed with the Torrent--essentially the same as the Chevrolet Equinox but with a sportier, more aggressive look.
To illustrate what is lacking, could you not show at least the following stations which have impressed me recently: - Newcastleupon-Tyne, York, Liverpool (Lime Street) and possibly Darlington.
The San Francisco Ballet dancer/choreographer was initially impressed with the dancers' technique and versatility as well as Angelini's clearly established authority.
Jay Cross, Jets president, was impressed with Daley's speech and the project's success.
First joint winner was the Please chair from Steelcase, a sleek but highly ergonomic office chair, whose fluid lines, user comfort and general attention to detail (it has recently been awarded a certification for life cycle environmental impact in France, where it is manufactured) greatly impressed the judges.
I continue to be impressed with the adaptability, flexibility and dedication of our workforce.