impress (something) (up)on (someone)

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impress (something) (up)on (someone)

1. To press or push something into something else in order to make a mark or print. I impressed the baby's footprint on the sheet of paper.
2. To put forth effort so that someone learns or remembers something. I try to impress the importance of strong morals upon my kids every day.
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impress something (up)on someone

to make someone fully aware of something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) You must impress these facts upon everyone you meet. She impressed its importance on me.
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impress something (up)on something

to press something into the surface of something, leaving a mark. The ribbing of my socks impressed a pattern upon my calves. The heavy vase impressed its outline on the pine tabletop.
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impress on

or impress upon
1. To produce something, as a mark or pattern, on a surface by pressure; imprint something on a surface: We impressed the stencil outline on the fabric.
2. To impart a strong or vivid impression of something in the mind of someone: The singing coach impressed her theories of music on me.
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'Therefore, it is important for Pakistan to impress upon US leadership that Islamabad's relations with China are not poised against any other State.
The government representatives enjoy giving the figure of $95 billion as the total size of Pakistan's external debt in their public remarks in an attempt to impress upon us all the sheer size of the debt mountain they have inherited.
And to impress upon us the urgency of this charge, PALS guest of honor and keynote speaker was legal education's foremost benefactor, Chief Justice Ma.
Over the years she has used it to impress upon us mere mortals her own self-importance while telling everyone how badly we live our lives.
Over the years the actress has used it to impress upon us mere mortals her own self-importance while telling everyone how badly we live our lives.
Roxas could have irrevocably resigned out of delicadeza, but it's obvious that his [resignation] and Aquino's refusal to accept it is all a show, just for appearances, just to impress upon us that he supposedly has integrity, said Reyes.
As Indian security removed barricades from US embassy, withdrew all privileges to the diplomats, which showed the role of real Indian seemed personified carrying emotional frenzy and belligerence to impress upon US to return their woman free of any case and also extend an apology for subjecting their female diplomat to cavity search.
But that's what the party's newest recruit Colm Keaveney tried to impress upon us as he explained his decision to join.
Ye ken whit I mean, when the commentator tried to impress upon us how dangerous and exciting something was I sat there, saying things like, "Good for him" and "Well done you".
Postlethwaite, wrapping his lips around an Irish accent, radiates a sadistic malevolence, and Chris Cooper makes a brief, somewhat pro-forma appearance as Doug's father, emerging from the shadow of a jail cell to impress upon us the steep price of a life of crime.
"We recently had post office minister Pat McFadden before the Welsh group to impress upon us how vital it is for the network."
"Very soon, with the adoption of standards relating to the financial instruments, India will be almost at level with the European countries." The level of adoption in Europe could be a matter of debate, but problems in India relating to the new standards are certainly there, as Vasudeva himself explains: "Though the International Accounting Standard Board is trying to impress upon us to adopt the IFRS fully, it is also receptive to our difficulties regarding some of the IFRS norms that are in conflict with Indian laws and has asked us to provide a detailed report."
From environmentally conscious architects and engineers, to new innovation that could save the mining industry millions, this year's winners are characteristic of the calibre of talent and business savvy that continually impress upon us the importance of hosting these awards year after year.
It is just having the confidence to do it and that's what the manager is trying to impress upon us.