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impregnate (something) with (something)

To saturate or infuse something with a particular liquid. Impregnate the cloth with the solution and then apply it to the screen.
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impregnate something with something

1. Lit. to saturate something with something; to penetrate something with some fluid. They impregnated the boards with a wood preservative. The process impregnated the fibers with a bright yellow dye.
2. Fig. to put something negative into something. You have impregnated the entire matter with unpleasantness. The whole scheme has been impregnated with needless flaws.
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However, your cousin at age 16, has the ability to impregnate a lady.
These studies suggest the potential for resistance against the antimicrobial agents used to impregnate these catheters as their clinical use becomes more widespread.
One approach to solving the problem of how to impregnate rovings and mats with a high-viscosity thermoplastic melt is to start with low-viscosity precursors that chemically react in-situ to yield a high-molecular-weight polymer composite.
Though he is waiting for his own death and trying to bring his supposedly cursed family line to an end, he impregnates two young women.