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impregnate something with something

1. Lit. to saturate something with something; to penetrate something with some fluid. They impregnated the boards with a wood preservative. The process impregnated the fibers with a bright yellow dye.
2. Fig. to put something negative into something. You have impregnated the entire matter with unpleasantness. The whole scheme has been impregnated with needless flaws.
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Though he is waiting for his own death and trying to bring his supposedly cursed family line to an end, he impregnates two young women.
According to Gurtong's website, "a new customary law that was amended this year by the State Legislative Assembly dictates that any young man who impregnates a girl will be sentenced to ten years in prison besides being fined 3,00 Sudanese Pounds and three cows.
Explains Nagelle, "For flat-surface decoration such as snowboards, the design is first printed on paper, and then a hot press impregnates the paper design into the substrate.
A third layer of material overlaps the second layer and the antiseptic solution impregnates the first layer of material for cleaning the injection site.
The new customary law demanded that young man who impregnates a girl must be sentenced to ten year in imprison and must pay a 3,000 SDG ($1,207 US) and three cows.
It eliminates the cost and time of using sacrificial transfer materials and reportedly impregnates much faster than typical nonwoven transfer webs.