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import something (from something) (into something)

to buy and transport something from a foreign place into a country. We imported the carpets from the Orient into this country. They imported wine into this country from France. I imported this from Germany.
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Yet to Alleyne had been opened now a side of life of which he had been as innocent as a child, but one which was of such deep import that it could not fail to influence him in choosing his path.
A passionate desire to have him un- derstand the import of life, to learn to interpret it truly and honestly, swept over her.
At first I was puzzled by all these strange fruits, and by the strange flowers I saw, but later I began to perceive their import.
I would like to ask if there is anything not necessarily of evil import about any of the places?
The commander in chief is always in the midst of a series of shifting events and so he never can at any moment consider the whole import of an event that is occurring.
But if this is true, I found the books better than their friends, and had many a heartache from their pathos, many a genuine glow of purpose from their high import, many a tender suffusion from their sentiment.
But why should papers of political import be intrusted to Van Baerle, who not only was, but also boasted of being, an entire stranger to the science of government, which, in his opinion, was more occult than alchemy itself?
This god, stiffened electrically and pointed Jerry along the deck, and, with mouth encouragements and urgings the import of which Jerry could only guess, directed him toward the one who so commanded by saying:
The light of the half moon fell ghostly through the foliage of trees in spots and patches, revealing much that was unsightly, and the black shadows seemed conspiracies withholding to the proper time revelations of darker import.
With all the condescension of an elder brother he sometimes explained to him the true import of things, but he derived little satisfaction from arguing with him because he got the better of him too easily.
ISLAMABAD -- The gold imports during the first 11 months of the outgoing fiscal year 2013-14 plunged by 43.
ISLAMABAD -- The tea imports witnessed sharp decrease of 26.
Summary: RIYADH: The latest statistical figures supplied by the General Statistical Department showed that Saudi imports crossed the SR400 billion mark in 2010, registering a 12 percent increase compared to the previous year when imports were put at SR358 billion.
Concern is painfully acute among makers of commodity films, who are also suffering from massive imports of converted polyethylene retail bags.
Imports rose by more than 2 percent in both the second and third quarters of 2005 (see Diagram 101).