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import something (from something) (into something)

to buy and transport something from a foreign place into a country. We imported the carpets from the Orient into this country. They imported wine into this country from France. I imported this from Germany.
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Retailers and wholesalers that do not meet the FDA definition of the "FSVP importer" are not responsible for compliance under the regulations.
However, the modified requirements would differ depending on whether the importer is bringing in: a) dietary supplement components or dietary supplements that will be subject to further processing (Unfinished Dietary Supplements) or b) Finished Dietary Supplements.
| KUWAIT, Nov 27 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Minister of Commerce and Industry Anas Al-Saleh issued a ministerial resolution forcing companies and importers to withdraw from local markets their products with manufacturing defects or those which do not comply with standards.
Such high-end models generally are the major profit-makers for importers, and can dent the bottom-line significantly if not sold.
Iran was the second top importer of Pak basmati rice.
In the United Kingdom, for example, there are no requirements for the United Kingdom-based distributor or importer to be licensed or registered with MHRA.
The importer, who wished to remain anonymous, told reporters yesterday: "Smokers have abandoned cigarettes in favour of rolling tobacco," The reason is that rolling tobacco is now cheaper, even with the new tax.
(2) Do transfer pricing adjustments raise other customs valuation risks to Importer A?
Actify Inc, a provider of product data collaboration solutions, announced on Friday (27 March) it has released a round of importer updates and improvements.
This makes it difficult, if not impossible, for an importer to enforce its rights against the supplier's insurer.
Lafco New York, the importer, signed the lease for 10,600 s/f on the mezzanine level of 161 Avenue of the Americas, reports Christopher Owles, managing director of Sinvin Realty Corp., who represented the tenant in the negotiations.
Despite the rules fluke, CAP nevertheless faces competition from low-cost production in Brazil, Turkey and Eastern Europe, says Caio Denemiatti, general manager of steel importer Siderint.
On October 23, the importer was informed of the laboratory's findings and the increased risk associated with salmonella isolates simultaneously resistant to quinolones and cephalosporins.
A control environment that is strongly established within the importer's culture and supported by senior executives;
The reputation of the domestic importer is formally incorporated into the analysis as are differences in relative bargaining power between the foreign manufacturer and importer.