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implicate someone (in something)

to suggest that someone is involved in something. The mayor was implicated in the bribery scandal. Jane's essay implicated her teacher in the cheating scandal.
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The sons of three of the four ministers, including Erdoy-an's son Bilal, were also allegedly implicated in the corruption.
Mortazavi was implicated in the beating deaths of at least three young men arrested in 2009 during the post-election protests and confined at the Kahrizak detention center.
Iran got Syria implicated - in addition to Hezbollah and Lebanon - by entering as a direct military party to the armed conflict in Syria, with equipment, funds, and fighters, as well as with its proxy Hezbollah.
The Australia and New Zealand Group (ASX: ANZ) has stated that it derived no financial gains from the actions of two Singapore traders implicated in the international interest rate fixing scandal.
Speaking at a press event after a 6-hour-long sitting of Bulgaria's Consultative Council for National Security Tuesday, Tsvetanov named Hezbollah's military wing as possibly implicated in the attack, which killed 5 Israeli tourists, their Bulgarian driver and the presumed suicide bomber.
Zardari said that Gilani's son was falsely being implicated in drug case, adding that he had also been implicated in a drug case in the past.
In a statement dated September 7 which was obtained by the Inquirer, Elarde Sawadjaan said he withdrew his statement that implicated former Congressman Munir Arbison and former Sulu town mayors Najib Maldisa and Ahmad Nanoh in the bombing of the airport in Zamboanga City last August 5 because his conscience was bothering him.
This enzyme is implicated in the production of amyloid plaque components which accumulate in the brains of individuals afflicted with Alzheimer's disease.
All personnel implicated in this unfortunate affair have been identified and immediately suspended from all professional activity," the army said, without specifying the number of servicemen concerned.
NORWAY: A Czech member of a cult implicated in a bizarre case of stolen identity and child abuse, has been arrested in Norway, Prague police said.
Lebanon's other Shi'ite group, Amal led by Speaker Berri, has also been implicated in some of those events, with the Assad regime having been behind the moves against US, French and other multinational forces in Lebanon at the time.
AN American called "Gary" last night said he had spoken extensively to detectives and was "not at all" implicated in the murders.
FDA announced on Friday, September 29 that all spinach implicated in the current outbreak had traced back to Natural Selection Foods LLC of San Juan Bautista, California.
Both group A streptococci and a combination of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria have been implicated as causes.
According to the Food and Drug Administration, it has determined that the spinach implicated in the outbreak was grown in three counties: Monterey, San Benito and Santa Clara in California.