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Bohm presented the hologram and ink in fluid stirring device analogies to provide perceptual insights into the meanings of wholeness, implicate and explicate order of his model.
When Sood refused, she threatened to implicate him in a false rape case," the officer said.
As our Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani returns from America, the US media has started to blast the role of ISI at full throttle, and the leading newspapers across America are trying to implicate ISI with the militants, and they are calling it proxy help by ISI to the Afghan militants.
Four independent studies from the United States, Germany, and England implicate two genes in fostering dyslexia.
Second is In the Name of the Father, a film about a petty robber from Belfast named Gerry Conlon, whom the British implicate and imprison for an IRA bombing of a pub that kills several people.
The banned riders didn't implicate Kieren, but I'm loathe to commit myself until I see the tape again.
Although slammed for stonewalling questions about his own drug use, McGwire took a position in the tradition of noncooperating witnesses in the witch-hunting 1950s who refused to implicate others for personal advantage.
The district court held that the Bureau's application of the statute did not implicate the Administrative Procedures Act and did not violate the ex post facto clause.
This case does not implicate internal church governance; it implicates the relationship between a nonprofit public benefit corporation and its employees, most of whom do not belong to the Catholic Church," wrote Justice Joyce Werdegar for the majority.
These were by using: (a) Bohm's concepts of the implicate and explicate orders; (b) body-field relationships developed from a synthesis of field pattern profiles and physical measures; (c) complexity science in which "understanding is informed through multiple perspectives on the phenomenon that may manifest on the edge of conceptual or intellectual inconsistencies" (p.
Swamy said he was already aware of the conspiracy hatched by the UPA Government to implicate Bhagwat.
De Lima said Napoles was not chosen as a credible state witness then because of her propensity to lie and fabricate her testimonies and implicate other government officials in the scam.
investigator to implicate Damascus in the killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik
coli: 1) one can authoritatively implicate a particular strain as a pathogen by (only) outbreak implication or by volunteer studies, but one cannot definitively prove by any data that a putative pathotype is not a human pathogen; and 2) the implication of pathogenicity for 1 strain is not sufficient to implicate any similar strain as a pathogen.
The system had been previously upheld by the state supreme court, which found that none of the restrictions denied to inmates on lower levels infringed on inmates' property or liberty interests and therefore did not implicate due process protection.