implant in

implant something in(to) someone or something

to embed something into someone or something. The surgeon implanted a pacemaker into Fred. They implanted the device in Fred's chest.
References in classic literature ?
As soon as these dire magicians and tyrant-makers find that they are losing their hold on him, they contrive to implant in him a master passion, to be lord over his idle and spendthrift lusts--a sort of monstrous winged drone-- that is the only image which will adequately describe him.
And when his other lusts, amid clouds of incense and perfumes and garlands and wines, and all the pleasures of a dissolute life, now let loose, come buzzing around him, nourishing to the utmost the sting of desire which they implant in his drone-like nature, then at last this lord of the soul, having Madness for the captain of his guard, breaks out into a frenzy: and if he finds in himself any good opinions or appetites in process of formation, and there is in him any sense of shame remaining, to these better principles he puts an end, and casts them forth until he has purged away temperance and brought in madness to the full.
In so doing, the lectin allows its freed modified insulin to diffuse out of the implant in amounts directly proportional to the glucose coming in.
Katherine received her implant in 1991 and graduated first in her high school class in 2005.
The reasons for the selection of Catalyst to assist Implant in our program to increase investor and shareholder awareness was based upon what we believe to be Catalyst's success in representing companies in the Homeland Security and Defense industries.
who got sick after receiving a breast implant in 1990 following cancer surgery.
This is the first time in the history of the development of artificial vision that completely wireless transmission of data and energy into an implant in the eye of long-time blind persons has resulted in pattern recognition.
After it has been centered over the pupil, the surgeon fastens the implant in place and sutures the incision.
This includes an octreotide implant in Phase II studies for acromegaly and two different histrelin containing implants, one now entering Phase III for CPP and the other potentially close to approval for advanced prostate cancer.
Innova plans to launch the Endopore Hybrid implant in September, which provides dentists with a product that combines the unique biomechanical properties of the Endopore implant with the immediate stabilizing feature of threaded implants.
The 6/12-point internal connection positioning also allows me the rotational freedom to place the implant in the optimal surgical position.
5 mg or a 2 mg Retisert implant in the affected eye or, in bilateral cases, in the more severely afflicted eye.
5 mg or a 2 mg Retisert implant in the affected eye, or in bilateral cases, in the more severely afflicted eye.
The Smooth Becker functions as both a tissue expander and long-term breast implant in single-stage breast reconstruction procedures.