implant in

implant (something) in(to) (someone or something)

To insert something into someone or something. This patient couldn't walk until doctors implanted a special sensor into his brain.
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implant something in(to) someone or something

to embed something into someone or something. The surgeon implanted a pacemaker into Fred. They implanted the device in Fred's chest.
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As soon as these dire magicians and tyrant-makers find that they are losing their hold on him, they contrive to implant in him a master passion, to be lord over his idle and spendthrift lusts--a sort of monstrous winged drone-- that is the only image which will adequately describe him.
And when his other lusts, amid clouds of incense and perfumes and garlands and wines, and all the pleasures of a dissolute life, now let loose, come buzzing around him, nourishing to the utmost the sting of desire which they implant in his drone-like nature, then at last this lord of the soul, having Madness for the captain of his guard, breaks out into a frenzy: and if he finds in himself any good opinions or appetites in process of formation, and there is in him any sense of shame remaining, to these better principles he puts an end, and casts them forth until he has purged away temperance and brought in madness to the full.
Malo et all have shown that their concept of "All on 4" implant in the upper and lower jaw provide reliable and good results.
Singh A, Gupta A, Yadav A, Chaturvedi TP, Bhatnagar A, Singh BP Immediate placement of implant in fresh extraction socket with early loading.
Biomechanical and histomor-phomertric comparison between zirconia implants with varying surface textures and a titanium implant in the maxilla of miniature pigs, Clinical oral implants research 18: 662-668.
In case of implant fracture, there are two options: (1) complete removal of the implant fractured using explantation drills and (2) the use of the fractured implant in order to place a new prosthesis [24].
Where the implant is placed and positioned is called the "implant pocket." Implant position is the location of the implant in relation to the pectoralis major muscle (Figure 5).
The scanner works real time during surgery and accurately identifies each implant as well as placement of the implant in the patient.
In 2012, Silimed received FDA approval to begin marketing a different type of silicone gel breast implant in the US.
The possibility of rejection depends on the localization of the implant in the mouth, and whether the implant is placed there in the natural or transplanted bone, and whether the patient smokes (a very important factor!), and maintains good hygiene, or due to other health conditions.
It is the most widely used type of implant in Europe but remains investigational in the United States, where large clinical trials are underway.
Augmentation mammoplasty for cosmetic enlargement was first attempted in the 19th century, leading to development of the first silicone gel implant in 1962.
The two inserts are designed to be placed inferior to the implant in dorsal areas when substantial dorsal augmentation is required.
A 4 x 4 gauze pad may be used to wipe over the implant toward the patient's elbow, further exposing the implant in its tissue envelope.