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impinge (up)on (someone or something)

1. To infringe on or interfere with someone or something. Any legislation that impinges upon human rights must be stopped.
2. To make physical contact with something. It feels like something is impinging on my shoulder joint when I try to move it.
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impinge (up)on someone or something

to affect or interfere with someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This will not impinge upon me at all. Will this matter impinge on my policies in any way?
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impinge on

or impinge upon
1. To intrude or encroach upon something: I disagree with this new law because it impinges on my First Amendment rights.
2. To strike or collide with something: Sound waves impinge on the eardrum, causing it to vibrate.
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On January 14, 10 aerosol impingers (spinners) (John Hock Company, Gainesville, FL) were placed in an east-west orientation on Kissimmee Road.
Sample collection.--A vacuum pump was used to draw dryer gas through the heated line to three midget impingers connected in series and held in a glycol bath at -1[degrees]C.
Results obtained by older dust measurement techniques based on impinger sampling (million particles per cubic foot) can be crudely converted into results that would be obtained using PCM and fiber counting (concentrations of fibers > 5 in length per milliliter of air) available since the 1960s.
This hardly merits the name of satire, for the lineaments of the arraigned avant-gardist are vague where they should be savagely ad hominem, and "the real" is abstract where it must be abrasive--indeed if the avant-gardist is an "impinger" that's more that can be said of "the real."
As the polymer passes through the mask, a vacuum is applied which draws the evolved gasses through a series of impingers which act as condensers for the volatile components.
To control the humidity of the primary air, an impinger was constructed.
He led a technical team, which implemented his innovative concept of flushing and neutralizing the resins and impinger solutions to mitigate effects of the acidic environment.
Exit gases are directed through a charcoal sorbent tube or water impinger where the organic volatiles are captured.
The full capacity Impinger[R] Low Profile Oven from Lincoln offers all the volume of the company's original Impinger I Oven in a compact, shorter frame that can be stacked up to three high, conserving space and providing greater flexibility in commercial kitchens.
Air sample methods can be controlled using cellulose or polyvinyl chloride (PVC) filter cassettes or a glass impinger at a flow rate of two liters per minute for 15 minutes.
The animals were exposed to the aerosolised bacteria for 10 minutes, with impingement of the aerosol cloud sampled at the midway point of challenge into PBS via an All-Glass Impinger (AGI-30; Ace Glass, Vineland, NJ, USA).
The air samples of 250 l were collected using the impinger Coriolis [mu] air sampler (Bertin Technologies, USA), at 300 l/min airflow rate.
New Slicer, Globe Chefmate GC512 12" Manual Gravity Feed Slicer.New Countertop Oven, Lincoln Foodservice Products V2500-2 Lincoln Impinger Countertop Oven Package or approved alternate.
Chops for each test were thawed at 4[degrees]C and cooked on an Impinger conveyor oven set at 200[degrees]C.
Methanol and formaldehyde were collected and analyzed using the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement (NCASI) 98.01 method, "Chilled Impinger Method for Use at Wood Products Mills to Measure Formaldehyde, Methanol, and Phenol," where formaldehyde was analyzed via spectrophotometry using acetylacetone and methanol was analyzed via gas chromatography with a flame ionization detector.