impinge (up)on (someone or something)

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impinge (up)on (someone or something)

1. To infringe on or interfere with someone or something. Any legislation that impinges upon human rights must be stopped.
2. To make physical contact with something. It feels like something is impinging on my shoulder joint when I try to move it.
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impinge (up)on someone or something

to affect or interfere with someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This will not impinge upon me at all. Will this matter impinge on my policies in any way?
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impinge on

or impinge upon
1. To intrude or encroach upon something: I disagree with this new law because it impinges on my First Amendment rights.
2. To strike or collide with something: Sound waves impinge on the eardrum, causing it to vibrate.
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The anachronisms that appear in early works here become a central motif as West suggests that all human events, wherever they occur in time, impinge upon one another and define what it means to be human.
* To adequately understand a single behavior, one must consider all the people involved, the groups of which they are part, the institutions that shape those groups, the cultural setting, and the prevailing attitudes and sustaining beliefs that impinge upon that setting.
He or she is aware of the multiple pressures that may potentially impinge upon the maintenance of one's integrity, and is further aware of the ubiquitous presence of ethical dilemmas faced by leaders in daily business life, and takes the time to reflect upon these dilemmas.
"No one wants to make investigations of terrorism difficult, but by the same token, we don't know how or in what ways these laws or this war on terrorism may, ironically, come to impinge upon our own civil liberties, or the autonomy of our academic institutions.
These electrons impinge upon a fluorescent screen, where they form a characteristic diffraction pattern of isolated points of intensity.
Normally, these bullets need not be removed unless they impinge upon vital structures or cause secondary complications, such as infection.
Critical educational administration theory provides a means whereby school leaders can understand and ultimately disentangle themselves from the various forces that impinge upon educational practice.
"The first priority of the council is Jihad and we discourage activities that impinge upon the unity of the Mujahideen," the statement said.
Instead, these fields of experience impinge upon and enrich one another.
''For us the selected exchange control measures do not -- and I would like to emphasize -- do not impinge upon any of the rights of direct foreign investors in these areas,'' she told a press conference at the end of the annual ASEAN trade ministers meeting.
Whether physically shown, or merely muscle and flesh providing the motion for the prosthetic of pen, pencil, or camera, or present through the intensity of an absence, the body and the worldly systems that surround and impinge upon it are the source of endless contemplation.
The organization is also opposing legislation which might impinge upon the rights of cooperative boards to approve apartment transfers.
Although there is no discernible pattern of character, theme, or emotional construct, certain repetitive details impinge upon the reader's consciousness: a prevailing anonymity, tropistic instances of dejection/rejection, an inability to establish enduring relationships.
By situating their experiences within a broader historical and theoretical context, we may better appreciate the factors that impinge upon their current agendas and affect their social movements.
In 1895, however, a French physicist, Jean-Baptiste Perrin (1870-1942), showed that when cathode rays were made to impinge upon a cylinder, the cylinder gradually gained a large negative charge.