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impinge (up)on (someone or something)

1. To infringe on or interfere with someone or something. Any legislation that impinges upon human rights must be stopped.
2. To make physical contact with something. It feels like something is impinging on my shoulder joint when I try to move it.
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impinge (up)on someone or something

to affect or interfere with someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This will not impinge upon me at all. Will this matter impinge on my policies in any way?
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impinge on

or impinge upon
1. To intrude or encroach upon something: I disagree with this new law because it impinges on my First Amendment rights.
2. To strike or collide with something: Sound waves impinge on the eardrum, causing it to vibrate.
See also: impinge, on
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In his flags, targets, and numerals, individual strokes of encaustic are so resolutely physical that, when one mark is superimposed on or set beside another, it doesn't seem to eliminate or even impinge on the other's presence.
Although reconstruction of Nicola Pisano's design, which took the form of a marble sarcophagus sculpted with scenes from Dominic's life and raised on figural supports, is more contested than Moskowitz would have us believe, this is a minor issue that does not fundamentally impinge upon her perceptive exegeses.
The calculations also reveal that the iron atoms soak up a large proportion of the electron waves that impinge on them.
According to Kohut, as Russell summarizes him, "the fundamental needs the child is seeking to satisfy in its negotiations with its environment have not to do with sex and aggression [as for Freud], but with self-esteem, that is, with its sense of itself as an effective agent in the world, capable of controlling and creatively deflecting the forces which impinge on it" (191).
This scenario reflects in miniature what happens when electrons impinge on the hundreds or thousands of slits in a diffraction grating, Chang says.
Ricciotti's design revolves around the idea of making the new impinge as lightly as possible on the old, of creating something akin to a theatrical set; and to this end (rather in the SPAB manner) he enlisted two artists, Elizabeth Cresseveur and Josep van Lieshout and architect, Francois Deslaugiers.
Other details impinge by degrees: the plain rectangle of water at the entrance, the severe design of changing cubicles with ebony bench and washroom with stone basin, the figures seen from the inside of the shop peering into the chasm from outside and silhouetted against the light, and the discreet lighting that brings out the texture and colour of stone.
How the protein's presence in normal cells will impinge on research efforts to stop its activity in cancer cells is unclear, Gottesman says.