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impeach someone for something

1. to charge someone with doing something illegal. You can't impeach her for just disagreeing! We tried to impeach Gus for failing to attend sessions.
2. to criticize or discredit someone for something. The opposition impeached him for his position in no uncertain terms. Liz was impeached by the press for her views.
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In a 23-page article, Professor Peterson laid out why Congress should impeach Trump over these claims.
The Bangladesh parliament Wednesday unanimously passed the constitutional amendment to regain its power to impeach apex court judges.
Aquino also dared those who wanted to impeach him to file their complaints at the House of Representatives.
John Kaway, the chairperson of specialized committee on information committee in the state assembly, said the move by MPs to impeach the speaker was "unconstitutional".
In 2004, Plaid and SNP MPs made efforts to impeach him on charges of gross misconduct in his advocacy of the case for war against Iraq and in his conduct of policy in connection with the war.
When the Republicans tried to impeach Truman they won big in the next elections.
There was a large segment of partisan politicos who seriously wanted to impeach the president over sex, but no one is entertaining the idea of impeaching the current officeholder over the senseless deaths of 3,063 men and women.
And though Impeach My Bush is mostly a self-produced record, Peaches wasn't shy about getting help from some of her celebrity supporters.
It may not end the Bush presidency, but Neil Young's album Living with War and its most famous song, "Let's Impeach the President," will certainly go down as the pop music event of 2006.
Unfortunately, there is no way, as of yet, to impeach a boss or supervisor.
The House can impeach (accuse of "high crimes or misdemeanors") U.
What it is time to do is impeach judges, and I advocate the standard not just to be pro-life or any particular case," Parker said.
Plaid Cymru and the SNP are joining forces and promising to retable the motion to impeach Prime Minister Tony Blair over the Iraq war once the General Election is over.
A parliamentary motion to impeach Tony Blair for 'gross misconduct' over the Iraq war was tabled yesterday.
SIR - It was with great interest that I read The Western Mail's extensive coverage of Plaid Cymru MP, Adam Price's proposal to impeach Tony Blair.