impart to

impart (something) to (someone or something)

1. To share or communicate something to someone. When I gave my presentation, I imparted all the pertinent details to the board.
2. To confer or bestow a particular quality on someone or something. A formal dress like that really imparts an air of sophistication to Edie, don't you think?
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impart something to someone or something

1. to bestow a quality on someone or a group. That hat imparts an aura of grandeur to her presence. Walnut paneling imparts an expensive seriousness to a law office.
2. to tell something to someone or a group. My professor tried to impart her knowledge to us. The speaker imparted a great deal of wisdom to the group.
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What values can these teachers impart to their students?
In the first phase the students of high school level will be given rescue training after which the training will be impart to other servants of government departments.
The present invention is also directed to a method of using such constructs to impart to plants resistance to papaya ringspot virus.
"A lot of the characteristics that mills can impart to the sheet are a function of the type of TAD fabric being used; hand-in-hand with that are new ways to protect the fabric from temperature," said Parker.