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impart (something) to (someone or something)

1. To share or communicate something to someone. When I gave my presentation, I imparted all the pertinent details to the board.
2. To confer or bestow a particular quality on someone or something. A formal dress like that really imparts an air of sophistication to Edie, don't you think?
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impart something to someone or something

1. to bestow a quality on someone or a group. That hat imparts an aura of grandeur to her presence. Walnut paneling imparts an expensive seriousness to a law office.
2. to tell something to someone or a group. My professor tried to impart her knowledge to us. The speaker imparted a great deal of wisdom to the group.
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A thick canopy of trees hung over the very verge of the fall, leaving an arched aperture for the passage of the waters, which imparted a strange picturesqueness to the scene.
PESHAWAR -- Director General, National Institute of Management (NIM), Farah Hamid, has said that officers completing mid-career management course (MCMC) need to be imparted with modern training, capacity building, exemplary behaviour and broad-mindedness to meet the emerging challenges upfront.
Side by side driving, they were also imparted training of emergency, fire safety and medical.
imparted training in the second phase on June 22, 23 and 26 respectively.
But, the training institutes and centers of BRTC are in a very dilapidated and fragile condition and there are no modern equipments and machineries there to impart training.
DigiSkills program will impart training to one million knowledge resources like youth, freelancers, students, and professionals, who would deliver professionally across the globe and contribute in country's economic growth.
At the Consumer Electronics Show, an imPart reference design will be demonstrated that illustrates how easy and economical it is to implement a contactless pointing device in a wide range of products.
They will accompany every student and impart values which will make them visionary leaders and responsible citizens.
You'll very likely impart less spin and hit the ball straighter.
Figure 17 compares the magnitude of shear thinning that each polymer imparted to the compound.
Polymeric plasticizers with molecular weights of 800 to 8000 and viscosities from 1200 to 160,000 cps can impart low-temperature flexibility and resistance to extraction by water, oil and solvents.
* Both acid and alkaline internal sizes impart liquid penetration resistance that improves size press operation, coat weight control/uniformity, and ink hold out.
It's unclear why a long interval would impart such risks.
In Scotland, 100 per cent of bosses interviewed would only use face-to- face meetings to impart difficult or controversial issues, but 26 per cent of Londoners were quite happy to use a combination of technologies to impart the news.
Many academic programs however lack well-defined mechanisms to impart their graduates with the desired practical experience before entering the job market.