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impart something to someone or something

1. to bestow a quality on someone or a group. That hat imparts an aura of grandeur to her presence. Walnut paneling imparts an expensive seriousness to a law office.
2. to tell something to someone or a group. My professor tried to impart her knowledge to us. The speaker imparted a great deal of wisdom to the group.
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will be demonstrating imPart at Booth 73506, Level 3 Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas, NV.
What values can these teachers impart to their students?
Materials offer resistance to light and heat, and impart minimal odor and taste.
How can performance chemicals (any chemical that imparts a special benefit to the user) contribute to this process?
Is there something about women who get pregnant right away that imparts the risk?
Specifically, these assignments and projects must impart some real-life experience to the students.
Sartomer Company has announced the commercial availability of its line of styrene maleic anhydride (SMA[R]) imide resins, a group of multi-functional cationic additives that impart performance properties during the wet end and paper coating stages of paper manufacturing.
Teachers need to impart this knowledge to their students in the early stages of learning a new piece and may reinforce these concepts further in theory and musicianship classes.
OK, so we all know that a wriggling writhing dog with a wagging tail is pleased to see us and that lips peeled to reveal gleaming fangs accompanied by deep throated growls means the opposite, but what about the more subtle information that Fido is trying to impart.
Lexan SLX polycarbonate film has been supplied to the automotive industry for evaluation of the polymer's ability to impart a Class A finish.
Amazingly, even the Teflon tenor, fully and convincingly transformed into Rasputin, can't impart life to this jumble, and the scenes of the mad monk's storied murder and the orgies he supposedly organized fall as flat as Robert Israel's boring two-dimensional sets.
Briney has developed an internal grinding process to impart the eccentric bore feature to any of its end mill holders, regardless of size, without affecting other tool holder features and tolerances.
The use of ultrasonics to impart compressive stresses into metallic parts was originally invented in Russia to reduce welding stresses and deformations, introduce compressive stresses, increase corrosion-fatigue strength of welded joints, and enhance fatigue resistance at subzero temperatures.
Clarke have created a picture book of "blessings," designed to impart an "attitude of gratitude" in every reader.
The ingredient, used at a low level, has been found to impart a round and rich cooked milk flavour to the end-product.