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living impaired

Dead. (Pseudo-politically correct slang used for humorous effect.) The boss has ordered a hit on the stool pigeon, so make sure he's living impaired by the end of the day.
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hearing impaired

Euph. deaf or nearly deaf. This program is closed-captioned for our hearing-impaired viewers. His mother happens to be hearing impaired, so he learned to sign at an early age.
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visually impaired

Euph. blind or partly blind. I am visually impaired, but I like TV just as much as the next person. The disease left him visually impaired.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (Euphemistic.) He was so impaired he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face.
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increase the minimum mandatory ignition interlock term for those convicted of a second impaired driving offence to three years and five years, based on blood alcohol levels;
However, at that period the West doubt about whether the hearing- impaired individuals are capable of any learning and normal beings.
If the families of hearing impaired have the opportunity to get together, they can share their experiences, ideas, fears, success and failures.
MNA Ali Mohammad Khan also appreciated AAAP Communication for helping the visually impaired students.
Numbers of visually impaired people are in millions worldwide as the World Health Organization (2014) have mentioned 285 million, including 246 million with low vision and 39 million blind.
She said the law states a person is mentally impaired if they cannot live independently or protect themselves from exploitation.
B1 champion Kelly Cron-|in from York is presented with her award by Ian Baggett, trustee of sponsors the Adderstone Foundation, after her victory at the North East Visually Impaired Tennis Championships (above) and (left) players on one of the coaching camps for visually-impaired tennis players staged at the Northumberland Club in Jesmond
The Braille calendar will help the visually impaired follow the right timing of prayers, as well as Iftar and Imsak.
The hearing impaired in Oman also need more specialised hearing aids.
As a result, NIB developed an education campaign to change perceptions in the business community of the abilities of people who are visually impaired.
EPA has approved Iowa's 2008 list of impaired waters.
THERE is good news for the visually impaired children in the Capital.
The Wayne County Community College District is working to help the visually impaired develop an appreciation for art with a cutting edge educational program.
At right, Christine Agnone, left, is a longtime hearing-impaired checker, and Larry Crismond, right, is a visually impaired box boy who has become popular with the customers.
08 percent on a breathalyzer test are presumed to be impaired.