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Deaf or partially deaf. Some deaf people advocate the avoidance of this term in favor of the more straightforwardly descriptive terms “deaf” and “hard of hearing.” Grandpa is hearing-impaired, so be prepared to speak loudly or repeat yourself a lot.

living impaired

Dead. (Pseudo-politically correct slang used for humorous effect.) The boss has ordered a hit on the stool pigeon, so make sure he's living impaired by the end of the day.
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hearing impaired

Euph. deaf or nearly deaf. This program is closed-captioned for our hearing-impaired viewers. His mother happens to be hearing impaired, so he learned to sign at an early age.
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visually impaired

Euph. blind or partly blind. I am visually impaired, but I like TV just as much as the next person. The disease left him visually impaired.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (Euphemistic.) He was so impaired he couldn’t see his hand in front of his face.
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Training plays an important role in allowing people who are visually impaired to develop the critical skills to secure and maintain employment, and to advance in their careers.
The impaired glucose tolerance group was made up of all middle-aged women who appeared to be in general good health.
E[pounds sterling]mran KE[micro]ksal, the relative of a hearing impaired person, told Today's Zaman that on one occasion she was required to participate in a surgical procedure in order to maintain communication between staff and the deaf patient.
The aim is to deliver tennis to both visually impaired adults and young people, culminating in competitions.
Al Mulla was among the first batch of students in the UAE to learn how to use a sound programmed computer, especially designed for the visually impaired back in 1999.
Ms Cebani noted that there were challenges with offering integration for the visually impaired such as shortage of ready-made text books.
With the help of technology, Saudi inventor Meshal Al-Harasani is working on creating a digital mus'haf for the visually impaired to facilitate reading the Holy Qur'an.
He told them that a lot of homework has been done and they agree in close contact with the Sindh Home Department and Sindh Traffic Police to accommodate hearing impaired persons for issuance of driving license.
A nurse meets the definition of "conduct subject to reporting" when a person suspects "that the nurse's practice is impaired by chemical dependency or drug or alcohol abuse" [Tex.
The Project for the Installation of Braille Printers for the Visually Impaired Students in Nepal is funded under the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) of Japan.
ISLAMABAD -- National Library of Pakistan (NLP) has planned to upgrade its 'Braille Book Corner' into a state-of-the-art National Disability Resource Center to provide quality reading facilities to the visually impaired persons as well as persons with other disabilities.
When talking about a newly published local computer literacy manual for the visually impaired, 'the blind leading the blind' is its best description except for its negative connotation as all of the manual's modules were developed by visually impaired professionals who are just as adept in using a computer as the next sighted person.
Some of the most festive times of the year are associated with an increased risk of automotive accidents due to impaired driving.
Objective: To evaluate the prevalence of impaired glucose metabolism among patients with lichen planus.