impact (up)on (someone or something)

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impact (up)on (someone or something)

To affect or influence someone or something. Of course your decision impacts on me—I'm your wife! Don't worry, your grade on that assignment won't impact upon your overall grade for the semester.
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impact (up)on someone or something

[for something] to have an effect on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This plant closing will impact upon the local economy for years to come. The day's troubles impacted on Rachel quite seriously.
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impact on

To have an effect on someone or something: The results of the election will impact on upcoming legislation.
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No event leading up to the Moon landing had such a big impact upon us. On Jan.
The passion for smartphones, and in particular the desire to own the latest model, seems to me (along with bottled water, the marketing trick of the century) to be emblematic of a throwaway culture which is having a profound impact upon us and our planet.
Because these global issues gravely impact upon us all, we are now compelled to pursue an alternative foreign policy framework in response to external challenges.
The decision will have a significant knock-on effect on the economy of the entire UK, and it will impact upon us here in the North East.
A combined authority will not undermine local councils but will work on the common issues across the region that impact upon us all.
at is, of course, understandable because the outcome of Scotland's referendum will impact upon us all.
Are we going to sit back and continue to let this happen because it does not directly or indirectly impact upon us?
To make this exercise more reasonable and acceptable for the faculty of human reasoning, I would like to highlight the structure of assumptions, how they are formed and how they impact upon us.
"I have to admit however, these challenging economic times are having an impact upon us and we've seen a significant slowdown in ticket sales following the Government's Budget announcement.
"I have to admit however, these challenging economic times are having an impact upon us and we've seen a significant slow down in ticket sales following the government's budget announcement.
"This means that a large number of staff who work in the technical and manufacturing industries near Bridgend and Llantrisant live in the Western Vale and as far away as Barry, so job losses in these factories also impact upon us here in the Vale."
"Anything that creates jobs is a good thing but we don't need another supermarket - the site could be put to better use." Marion Spry, of Majestic Wine, said: "It could impact upon us and I think a lot of businesses in the town struggling with the credit crunch would be opposed to this." Pet Warehouse's Darren Sandwell said he was more concerned that the scheme would bring traffic problems.
I am fairly well travelled and when my wife and I decided to visit Africa for the first time in the early '90s we were not prepared for its impact upon us. As we boarded the aircraft to return to the UK, we realised that, for the first time ever, there was not one part of us that had any wish to leave to go "home".
This is obviously having an impact upon us, as evidenced by the spectacles I witnessed while leaving Liverpool Playhouse after an enjoyable cultural Saturday evening there.
The scenes of destruction in the wake of Hurricane Katrina can have a powerful impact upon us. The people of New Orleans, Biloxi and Gulfport are seen wading through water looking at what once were their homes.