impact on

impact (up)on (someone or something)

To affect or influence someone or something. Of course your decision impacts on me—I'm your wife! Don't worry, your grade on that assignment won't impact upon your overall grade for the semester.
See also: impact

impact (up)on someone or something

[for something] to have an effect on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This plant closing will impact upon the local economy for years to come. The day's troubles impacted on Rachel quite seriously.
See also: impact, on

impact on

To have an effect on someone or something: The results of the election will impact on upcoming legislation.
See also: impact, on
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OVERALL VERDICT ON BECOMING ENERGY FIT: Simon Boghurst says: "It is a privilege to be part of this campaign and it's my desire that it will have a lasting impact on this generation and future ones.
Union Fenosa had said at the end of November that the German group's decision to sell out would not have a negative impact on Union Fenosa's share prices.
Act-On was selected for its meteoric growth, innovative technology platform and projected impact on the Oregon technology community and beyond.
The fast and furious increases this year will have a serious impact on the one in six households stuck on the treadmill of fuel poverty.
This information had a positive impact on Sign On's share price.
His long history of advocating for social change is a perfect fit for the organization and will enable Hands On to make an even larger impact on Bay Area communities in the coming years.
Efforts by North American dealers in strengthening their fiscal health through improved working investment turnover had a dampening impact on the reported sales by Snap-on to its dealers.
Founded in 1994, Hands On San Francisco (Hands On) is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to helping busy individuals make a positive impact on their community.
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