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immunize against (something)

To vaccinate someone so that they become immune to a particular disease (named after "against"). A noun or pronoun can be used between "immunize" and "against." No, I never had chicken pox as a kid, so I've been immunized against it. The MMR vaccine immunizes children against measles, mumps, and rubella.
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immunize someone against something

to vaccinate someone against some disease; to do a medical procedure that causes a resistance or immunity to a disease to develop in a person. They wanted to immunize all the children against the measles. Have you been immunized against polio?
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In district Kohat 336 teams to immunize 3,75000 children, in Karak 496 teams to immunize 4,34000 children, in Hangu 400 teams to immunize 1,10000 children, in Bannu 969 teams to immunize 1,82000 children, in Lakki Marwat 701 teams to immunize 1,68000 children, in Tank 284 teams to immunize 84 thousand children and in1230 teams to immunize 2,75000 children.
(25) At the very least, statements made in response to such promises may not be used against the recipient of the promise.26 Prosecutors should ensure that the commanders and staff officers they advise do not inadvertently immunize service members suspected of criminal offenses.
Advance and on-site registration options are available through Immunize Nevada's online or mail-in options.
He said there are enough doses of vaccine to immunize every child in the region.
So the reasons to immunize males will likely have more to do with protecting males against the diseases they get, rather than protecting women from cancer.
Soon, however, NIIP received the first of 2 crippling blows to hopes to immunize "every man, woman, and child." The first was later in 1976, when instead of boxes of bottled vaccine, the vaccine manufacturers delivered an ultimatum--that the federal government indemnify them against claims of adverse reactions as a requirement for release of the vaccines.
To immunize a portfolio, the weighted average duration of all bonds in the portfolio must equal the investment horizon.
of Health and Mental Hygiene contacted all local health officers in September 1990, to inform them that enough MMR vaccine was being made available to immunize their entire sixth grade cohort.
He said it was incumbent on the polio teams to persuade such parents who refuse to immunize their children of under 5 years age from polio virus.
The City Health Office aims to immunize 121,928 children with MMR vaccine during the catch-up immunization.
The meeting was informed that to immunize 309379 children, 968 mobile teams besides 116 fixed points and 23 transit point teams would take part in the campaign.
During the campaign forty eight camps of IDPs, camps of Afghan refugees, and all the union councils will be accessed to immunize more than 1.8 million children.
However, this theory has never before been advanced beyond animal research so the discovery that human stem cells are able to immunize against colon cancer is both new and unexpected.
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