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immunize someone against something

to vaccinate someone against some disease; to do a medical procedure that causes a resistance or immunity to a disease to develop in a person. They wanted to immunize all the children against the measles. Have you been immunized against polio?
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However, if overall immunization rates fall for any disease, or if a large percentage of families in the same community do not immunize their children, outbreaks are more likely.
Lastly, the campaign includes billboards and radio announcements that reinforce the "Immunize for Good" campaign messages (Respect the facts, protect your child and immunize for good).
In the data being presented, Dendreon researchers designed ARF-derived immunogens and used them to immunize mice.
HYDERABAD, March 11, 2012 (Balochistan Times): Sindh Minister for Fisheries Zahid Ali Bhurgari has called upon the people to realize the hazards of polio disease and immunize their children of under five years age during three days long polio eradication campaign being started in all talukas of Hyderabad district from March 12.
This new research raises the ethical issue of whether parents should immunize their children to prevent them from becoming smokers in the first place.
Enough flu vaccine was produced, however, to immunize Los Angeles County residents at clinics this fall without compromising public health, officials said.
Besides raising funds, over one million men and women of Rotary have donated their time and personal resources to help immunize nearly 2 billion children in 122 countries.
But since the disease is often contracted by sexual contact or by sharing syringes, state officials also wanted to immunize students before they entered their teens - the age when many experiment with sex and drugs.
Most parents don't know it takes 15 shots to completely immunize a two-year-old child," said Betty Lowe, M.
Paterson's team decided to immunize mice with the newly transformed bacterium suspended in a solution.