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immunize someone against something

to vaccinate someone against some disease; to do a medical procedure that causes a resistance or immunity to a disease to develop in a person. They wanted to immunize all the children against the measles. Have you been immunized against polio?
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In district Kohat 336 teams to immunize 3,75000 children, in Karak 496 teams to immunize 4,34000 children, in Hangu 400 teams to immunize 1,10000 children, in Bannu 969 teams to immunize 1,82000 children, in Lakki Marwat 701 teams to immunize 1,68000 children, in Tank 284 teams to immunize 84 thousand children and in1230 teams to immunize 2,75000 children.
When the data are available, I expect we will have sound reasons to immunize males against HPV But studies showing that these vaccines prevent genital warts have not yet been published, and it will be perhaps 3-5 years before we see strong evidence regarding cancer prevention benefits.
To immunize a portfolio, the weighted average duration of all bonds in the portfolio must equal the investment horizon.
PESHAWAR -- Emergency Operation Center (EOC) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Coordinator Mohammad Akbar Khan said that special three day anti-polio campaign will be carried out in Shangla and Kohistan on Monday November 14, 2016 which will immunize polio vaccines to more than 1 lac 50 thousand children below the age of five years.
DHO Larkana also appealed to the people that they should immunize their children in the immunization centers and also cooperate with the mobile teams.
During the campaign forty eight camps of IDPs, camps of Afghan refugees, and all the union councils will be accessed to immunize more than 1.
However, this theory has never before been advanced beyond animal research so the discovery that human stem cells are able to immunize against colon cancer is both new and unexpected.
He disclosed that in Charsadda, 937 teams to immunize 2, 88000 children, in Nowshera 1147 teams to immunize 2, 75000 children, in Mardan 1137 teams to immunize 3, 89000 children, in Swabi 792 teams to immunize 2.
DC urged the parents to immunize their children and said that action would be taken against the refusal case.
During the campaign fifty camps of IDPs, camps of Afghan refugees, and 305 high risk union councils will be accessed to immunize 19,93971 children.
I think the risk-benefit ratio is clearly in favor of letting the nurses and physicians immunize each other.
Because the vaccine can have serious side effects, a debate has erupted over whether to widely vaccinate the public after an outbreak or just immunize people in the area where the outbreak occurs, a strategy called ring vaccination (SN: 4/5/03, p.