immigrate to some place

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immigrate (in)to some place (from some place)

to migrate into a place from some other place. Many of them immigrated into Minnesota from northern Europe. My family immigrated to Chicago.
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We speculate that individuals who immigrate during late adolescence or early adulthood are unlikely to be targeted for sex and reproductive health education, and thus may be less likely than earlier arrivers to have accurate knowledge of condoms or approve of condom use.
That's because Bailey would not only decriminalize polygamy, she would also allow all parties to intact polygamous marriages to immigrate to Canada.
As residents of lesser developed countries continue to be exposed to high levels of biomass smoke at home or at work and continue to immigrate to developed countries, it is important that health care providers in developed countries learn to recognize this clinical entity.
Summary: CAIRO - Long lines of young Egyptians wanting to immigrate queued outside embassies in Cairo, before the outbreak of the January 25 revolution, because of the bad economic conditions prevailing.
Interior Ministry data reveal that tens of thousands of requests have been filed in the past two years by members of "lost Jewish tribes" worldwide, mainly from Third World countries, seeking to immigrate to Israel.
Jeannie leaves with her mother, father and younger siblings as they immigrate to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
More recently, at a meeting in Montreal, he spoke in favour of actively recruiting "gay" and lesbian doctors to immigrate to Ontario.
Mapa may choose to remain a second-class citizen in our decaying facsimile of a democracy rather than immigrate to Canada--at his own risk.
denounces the amnesty plan as "a kick in the teeth" to law-abiding people who seek to immigrate legally.
The Jewish Agency, increasingly concerned over the refusal of Iran's 25,000 Jews to immigrate to Israel [aliyah], wants to offer them $5,000 to make the move.
Malibu, CA -- Catholic teaching says that there is a right to emigrate, and, therefore, to immigrate.
Of course, most gay and lesbian Latin Americans immigrate here for the same reasons straight Latinos do: jobs, education, and family and friends.
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