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immigrate to (some place)

To leave one country to live in another. My great-grandparents immigrated to the US when they were just kids.
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immigrate (in)to some place (from some place)

to migrate into a place from some other place. Many of them immigrated into Minnesota from northern Europe. My family immigrated to Chicago.
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Instead of focusing on ending it, he is calling on French Jews to immigrate to Israel only to 'become oppressors' of the Palestinians.
However, if you decide to immigrate alone, but plan to bring your immediate family over later under the Family Class category, make sure to mention them on your application.
From the total number of people who immigrate, Macedonians take the first place (545), followed by Albanians (272) and Turks (55).
Hadad told Sarraf that "in order to immigrate he would have to deposit many thousands of dollars into Canada," so he could enter Canada under a provision of law that allows investors to gain immigrant status, said the prosecutor.
(26,27) We recognize that individuals who immigrate as children may differ from those who immigrate as adolescents or young adults, but we are unable to explore this issue because our sample contained only respondents living in the United States prior to sixth or seventh grade.
I am a post-graduate from Australia, but when I applied to immigrate, I was told that my skills were not required.
FAIZABAD (PAN): Hundreds of families want to immigrate to the neighboring provinces of the northeastern Badakhshan province after the weather gets warm and the snow-blocked roads reopened, officials said on Thursday.
And Bailey herself claims that the number of polygamists who would actually immigrate under a liberalized law would "presumably" be "very small." So how can a minuscule number of polygamists boost Canada's pool of "highly skilled immigrants?" Bailey resolves the contradiction by claiming that all Muslims would be attracted to a country that proved its commitment to multiculturalism by welcoming polygamy.
RELEVANCE TO CLINICAL PRACTICE: As residents of lesser developed countries continue to be exposed to high levels of biomass smoke at work or at home and continue to immigrate to developed countries, it is important that health care providers in developed countries be aware of biomass-smoke-related pulmonary disease.
As an ex-soldier for the Prussian Army during the Franco Prussian war in 1870, Karl is greatly intrigued with the understanding that he may obtain land of his own and he decides to immigrate to America.
Such is the plight of day laborers, many of whom immigrate to this country in search of better pay.
Today, the number of the world's political prisoners who risk torture and death if they do not immigrate is increasing.
We understand the needs of business people and have been helping families immigrate to Canada in the "investor" category for many years.
Canada's treatment of people of Chinese origin who sought to immigrate to this country between 1885 and 1947 represents one of the more notable stains on our minority rights tapestry ...
During that six-year period fewer than 80,000 people were allowed to immigrate to Canada.