immigrate to some place

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immigrate (in)to some place (from some place)

to migrate into a place from some other place. Many of them immigrated into Minnesota from northern Europe. My family immigrated to Chicago.
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Although the Patel family loves their animal charges, economics force them to give up the zoo and immigrate to Canada.
And miraculously, when the Nazis are defeated and the Russians liberate their camp, the young sisters are still alive (just barely) and they lire to eventually immigrate to Canada and raise families.
An affidavit in the case - unsealed Monday when the defendants made their first court appearance - describes how one man hired Heguman in 1999 to help him come to the United States and Heguman suggested that the man seek to immigrate as a pizza cook.
Students who immigrate from Mexico are more likely to be poor than students who come from farther away - meaning their families are too busy working to place as much importance on education, he said.
9 Daily News letters, Bill Zelenka asks ``If the whole world hates us, why have more than 25 countries joined us in Iraq and why do so many people immigrate here?
Recent statistics show that there are increased applications to immigrate in the wake of bloody clashes, especially among Egyptian Christians during March, April, May last year.
Gamil George, an engineer told the local Arabic magazine Rose al- Youssef, that the Canada embassy deals with those wishing to immigrate to Canada without discrimination.
Poor women of the Third World don't immigrate voluntarily, Chang explains, but from necessity.
The H1-C program has never permitted a nurse to immigrate because of its narrow restrictions, explains Michael Hogan, director of legislative affairs at AHCA.
Canada's treatment of people of Chinese origin who sought to immigrate to this country between 1885 and 1947 represents one of the more notable stains on our minority rights tapestry .
We understand the needs of business people and have been helping families immigrate to Canada in the "investor" category for many years.
Today, the number of the world's political prisoners who risk torture and death if they do not immigrate is increasing.
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