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immerse (oneself, someone, or something) in (something)

1. Literally, to fully submerge someone or something in a liquid. Is it safe to immerse this stuffed animal? I'd really like to wash it. If Susie's scared of the ocean, don't just immerse her in it!
2. To fully devote one's attention to something. In this usage, the phrase can also be used reflexively. I'm going to France this summer to immerse myself in French culture. Paul's grades got much better once he immersed himself in his studies.
3. To cause someone's attention to be fully absorbed in or by something. I think showing the kids a movie could help to immerse them in the language a little more.
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immerse someone or something in something

1. Lit. to submerge someone or something beneath the surface of a liquid; to soak someone or something in a liquid. The preacher immersed the baptism candidate in the water. We immersed all the dirty plates in the soapy water and left them to soak. She immersed herself in the bathwater.
2. Fig. to saturate or steep someone or a group in information or some type of instruction. The trainers immersed us in details day after day. The teachers will immerse the entire class in nothing but the Spanish language, day after day.
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immerse in

1. To submerge someone or something in some liquid: The cook immersed the dishes in hot water.
2. To involve someone completely in something: The teacher immersed the students in every aspect of mathematics. I immersed myself in the family business.
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Asperitas is a Dutch clean-tech company focused on greening' the datacentre industry by introducing Immersed Computing.
The purpose of this study is to investigate the ability of the Lattice-Boltzmann and the immersed boundary method to model the deformation of flexible membranes, red blood cells, and etc, inside the flow.
The object of this study is the K9 + 600 section of the immersed tunnel of the HZMB (Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge).
Along with theoretical and numerical studies, laboratorial tests have also been conducted to study the seismic performance of an immersed tunnel.
Moreover, scanning electron microscopy observation of the enterolith piece immersed in water revealed that calcium-containing layers and magnesium phosphate-containing layers constitute the multilayered structure of the enterolith (Figure 5).
Previously statues had to be immersed in water in Bristol as organisers were refused permission in Wales.
“We are proud to support Immersed as an opportunity to foster new Canadian expertise in these exciting areas of graphics innovation.”
The bridge touches land with a small pedestrian bridge and a shaded canopy for cable-car users while road traffic is maintained through an immersed tube tunnel.
"We were made very welcome by the families and immersed ourselves in the Spanish culture and lifestyle.
For the numerical implementation the Eulerian variables are defined on a fixed Cartesian mesh, while the Lagrangian variables representing the immersed boundary are defined on a curvilinear grid that lies on top of the fixed Cartesian mesh.
The mud balls were immersed into water and 2% BG solution, respectively.
NNA - Civil Defense men are still up to the present time continuing the process of opening roads which were immersed in water due to heavy rainfall this afternoon, Interior and Municipalities Ministry-Civil Defense Directorate General said in a statement Wednesday.
for the supply of a sealing system for the world's longest immersed tunnel.
Stars and starlet's gracing this year's Dubai International Film Festival were immersed in the luxurious world of Arabian-inspired fragrances by Ajmal Perfumes, the multi FiFi award-winning fragrance house.
They cover the immersed boundary and the immersed interface methods, modeling and simulating nonlinear tumor growth, progress in modeling pulsed detonations, and the direct numerical simulations of multiphase flows.