immerse (oneself, someone, or something) in (something)

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immerse (oneself, someone, or something) in (something)

1. Literally, to fully submerge someone or something in a liquid. Is it safe to immerse this stuffed animal? I'd really like to wash it. If Susie's scared of the ocean, don't just immerse her in it!
2. To fully devote one's attention to something. In this usage, the phrase can also be used reflexively. I'm going to France this summer to immerse myself in French culture. Paul's grades got much better once he immersed himself in his studies.
3. To cause someone's attention to be fully absorbed in or by something. I think showing the kids a movie could help to immerse them in the language a little more.
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immerse someone or something in something

1. Lit. to submerge someone or something beneath the surface of a liquid; to soak someone or something in a liquid. The preacher immersed the baptism candidate in the water. We immersed all the dirty plates in the soapy water and left them to soak. She immersed herself in the bathwater.
2. Fig. to saturate or steep someone or a group in information or some type of instruction. The trainers immersed us in details day after day. The teachers will immerse the entire class in nothing but the Spanish language, day after day.
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immerse in

1. To submerge someone or something in some liquid: The cook immersed the dishes in hot water.
2. To involve someone completely in something: The teacher immersed the students in every aspect of mathematics. I immersed myself in the family business.
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Norris' inviting book thrives on the writer's unabashed enthusiasm to learn, to immerse herself in the new and to find clues to her own past in the newly discovered.
Sharma is a civil engineer, who has worked on many iconic construction projects in the UAE, but gave up her successful career to immerse herself in art.
Another female traffic police officer said that if she were to immerse herself in make-up then there would be no one to look after the public.
To further immerse herself in the role without being a clone, Cherie Gil spent three months in New York acquainting herself with the "character" of Vreeland's milieu.
She makes every effort to immerse herself in their culture, but struggles to cope with the harsh realities and finds herself crying a lot.
Solicitor Miss Allsop, who was previously with a firm in Milton Keynes, has a strong background in residential conveyancing and is now keen to immerse herself in the corporate side of property transactions.
In the Diamond Destiny, it is Nesta who is in the spotlight as she struggles to immerse herself in a charity and make it financially solvent, and naturally, brings her mates along.
Last night, viewers voted for Natalie to face a fifth trial where she has to immerse herself in filthy water and navigate a rat-infested grid.
A dancer and choreographer who met Simone Forti and Yvonne Rainer in 1960 while studying in California, Brown heeded their encouragement to move to New York, where she would soon perform at Judson Church, engage the community around John Cage, and immerse herself in the collaborative culture of Happenings that was drawing freely from the techniques of dance, performance, and the plastic arts, making the borders between them permeable.
IN yet another stage in her efforts to immerse herself in British culture, Madonna is said to be taking elocution lessons.
Bloom found a way to immerse herself in the water, as if swimming in heaven, in a collage.
She would immerse herself in a time period to create a full-evening tapestry, interweaving imagery, movement, text, light and music.
In fact, Leary says she fell so much in love with Japan that she began to immerse herself in the language and culture.
As the series entered its final season this past fall, viewers watched Roseanne immerse herself in a series of fantasy-based situations, from winning the lottery to imagining herself as Barbara Eden in the classic TV series I Dream of Jeannie.
Tharp is not the first choreographer to immerse herself in this major Beethoven symphony.