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immerse (oneself, someone, or something) in (something)

1. Literally, to fully submerge someone or something in a liquid. Is it safe to immerse this stuffed animal? I'd really like to wash it. If Susie's scared of the ocean, don't just immerse her in it!
2. To fully devote one's attention to something. In this usage, the phrase can also be used reflexively. I'm going to France this summer to immerse myself in French culture. Paul's grades got much better once he immersed himself in his studies.
3. To cause someone's attention to be fully absorbed in or by something. I think showing the kids a movie could help to immerse them in the language a little more.
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immerse someone or something in something

1. Lit. to submerge someone or something beneath the surface of a liquid; to soak someone or something in a liquid. The preacher immersed the baptism candidate in the water. We immersed all the dirty plates in the soapy water and left them to soak. She immersed herself in the bathwater.
2. Fig. to saturate or steep someone or a group in information or some type of instruction. The trainers immersed us in details day after day. The teachers will immerse the entire class in nothing but the Spanish language, day after day.
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immerse in

1. To submerge someone or something in some liquid: The cook immersed the dishes in hot water.
2. To involve someone completely in something: The teacher immersed the students in every aspect of mathematics. I immersed myself in the family business.
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Kanpur, (Uttar Pradesh) [India] Oct 20 ( ANI ): Artificial pond created to immerse Goddess Durga's idol in Kanpur failed to achieve its aim of eco-friendly celebration as it poses health scare among locals here.
The need to immerse the whole chip in a solution could be a disadvantage, he adds.
"I enjoy writing music full stop, so whether it's an orchestra or rock, I immerse myself in it," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.
3 (ANI): Concerned with the increased levels of pollution in Ganga river after the recent immersion festival, a voluntary organization in Varanasi has asked people not to immerse idols in it, which have chemicals or artificial colours.
Immerse a sliver of semiconducting material in an electrically conducting chemical soup and the result is a photoelectrochemical cell capable of converting sunlight directly into electrical or chemical energy.
Varanasi, Sept 19 (ANI): To prevent the river Ganges from getting further polluted, the Ganga Mahasabha, a voluntary organisation, in Varanasi, has asked people not to immerse idols in it, which have chemicals or artificial colours.
The dams would be built along the Usumacinta River and its tributaries and would create a lake that would immerse the ruins at Yaxchilan and Piedras Negras, according to the group.
Karachi, July 5 (ANI): Hundreds of Hindus based in Sindh province would now be able to travel to India to immerse the ashes of their ancestors in the holy River Ganga, as they have been granted visas after decades of denial by the Pakistani authorities.
A Christian Orthodox pilgrim immerses himself into the waters of the Jordan River
The journey through the New Heineken Experience pulls back the curtain and immerses visitors in every aspect of Heineken's brewing process.
His A PARROT IN THE PEPPER TREE (095352275X) provides a sequel, continuing the story of his farm life as they clash with a misanthropic parrot who immerses himself in their life--and faces a threat to their valley from a proposed dam project.
Her friendship with an unschooled lace maker's daughter immerses her in a controversial friendship, the problems of a very different family life, and eventual defiance of her mother's dreams in The Lace Dowry's provocative story.
For as the opening sequence immerses us in the sort of animated set we are accustomed to associating with Saturday morning kidvids--and as the storyline introduces us to Jesus through the eyes of a Scout Finch-like little girl who turns out to be the sickly daughter of Jairus--we are seduced into thinking we have stumbled into some biblical Wonderland, where we will be enchanted and entertained, but never challenged.