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effective immediately

Beginning right now. Effective immediately, employees will no longer be able to take company computers home without the written permission of a supervisor.
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get (one's) tail (somewhere)

slang To move to some place or thing quickly. An adverb indicating speed (such as "fast" or "immediately") is often used after "somewhere." You better get your tail in there—Mom's looking for you. I heard the bell ring and got my tail inside immediately.
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get one’s tail somewhere fast!

and get one’s tail somewhere now! and get one’s tail somewhere immediately!
tv. to move oneself to a particular place fast. You get your tail over here immediately! I’ll tell you one more time. Get your tail into my office immediately!
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get one’s tail somewhere immediately!

See also: get, somewhere, tail
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Until there is a final outcome, taxpayers are advised to file refund claims immediately. This will protect them from being barred from seeking relief in court should the IRS reject their refund applications.
In the United States, if an illegal immigrant bears a child, that child is considered to be a citizen and immediately qualifies for welfare benefits--Medicaid and stipends under Supplemental Security Income and Disability Income.
For the first time, the "magnetic" visual appeal and easy reading of multipage formatted print documents can be made immediately obvious to website visitors, increasing the likelihood that visitors will sign up for promotional news letters or purchase other information products.
Preliminary analysis of the animals sacrificed immediately after cessation of lead exposure (PND41), before chelation, confirmed that the higher exposure regimen produced a much wider range of blood lead levels (range, 25-160 [micro]g/dL) than did the lower exposure regimen (range, 20-30 [micro]g/dL).
A typical compound set for pectoral muscles might be bench presses immediately followed with dumbbell flys, chair or bar dips, and concluding with incline dumbbell presses--a truly massive set comprising 4 nonstop exercises.
By accelerating the taxability of a small amount of compensation immediately upon receiving the restricted stock, employees are betting that the stock price will increase and the sooner their 12-month holding period starts, the sooner they will be able to sell the stock at the favorable long-term capital gains rate.
If the definition of marriage is a federal, not a provincial responsibility, what is a provincial court doing making its definition of marriage effective immediately?
Compaq Computer Corporation is immediately offering its Compaq 700 series notebooks powered by the 1GHz mobile AMD Duron processor.
Holding off on spinal cord surgery until a few weeks after an injury, rather than attempting it immediately, improves the chances of regaining some powers of movement lost because of the injury, a new study of rats finds.
The Federal Reserve Board on October 3, 2001, approved action by the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, decreasing the discount rate at the bank from 2 1/2 percent to 2 percent, effective immediately.
Underwriters need the kind of training that immediately impacts their profitability.
We feel that there are steps that can be taken immediately to start the process.
The controversy began in 1996 when the Good News Club sought permission to hold meetings at Milford Central School in Milford, N.Y., immediately after school hours.
By getting it there immediately with weight on the ball of that foot, the dancer has time to plie to collect energy.
[sections] 1.1972(e)(3) provides that "the acquisition of a franchise, trademark, or trade name constitutes the acquisition of a trade or business" unless "its value is nominal or the taxpayer irrevocably disposes of it immediately after its acquisition." "Nominal" is not defined in the regulations.
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