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get one’s tail somewhere fast!

and get one’s tail somewhere now! and get one’s tail somewhere immediately!
tv. to move oneself to a particular place fast. You get your tail over here immediately! I’ll tell you one more time. Get your tail into my office immediately!
See also: get, somewhere, tail

get one’s tail somewhere immediately!

See also: get, somewhere, tail
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They immediately grappled us; but, although surrounded by hundreds of savages, we extricated ourselves from them, and escaped all safe into the garrison, except one that was wounded, through a heavy fire from their army.
The friend, who had been listening behind the curtain, immediately hastened to communicate the news to the rest of the company.
A noise was immediately heard in the chamber, a door was opened, and a flood of light inundated the corridor and the garden.
Two other Indians accompanied their guide, who led them immediately back to Snake River, which they followed down for a short distance, in search of some Indian rafts made of reeds, on which they might cross.
It is of vast dimensions, containing more than 40,000 cubic feet of gas ; but as coal gas was employed in place of the more expensive and inconvenient hydrogen, the supporting power of the machine, when fully inflated, and immediately after inflation, is not more than about 2500 pounds.
Immediately upon its arrival we made sail, and in a short time were safely over the bar and standing out to sea.
It is impossible," said she, "for parents to be more kind, or more desirous of their children's happiness; I have no doubt of their consenting immediately.
Youth, invigorated by health and lightness of spirits, requiring soon that what it loses should be immediately restored - youth knows not those endless, sleepless nights which enable us to realize the fable of the vulture unceasingly feeding on Prometheus.
He noted the remnants of the uniforms upon the blacks and immediately he demanded to know where were their officers.
It remains, therefore, that if upon examination you find those new doctrines, which are now preached to us, better and more efficacious, we immediately receive them without delay.
It would happen immediately if I were to begin here, as I intended to do, with: "Rome has its Corso, Naples its Toledo"--"Ah
At last, he suddenly discovered that the London air did not agree with me, and I was languishing for my country home, and must immediately return to Grassdale.
Tom Jones, who was at a little distance behind, saw this, and immediately galloped up to her assistance.
Why did we not immediately say to ourselves: 'Fred is lying.
Levin did not for the first moment understand what it was confused her, but she immediately enlightened him.
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