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effective immediately

Beginning right now. Effective immediately, employees will no longer be able to take company computers home without the written permission of a supervisor.
See also: immediately

get one’s tail somewhere fast!

and get one’s tail somewhere now! and get one’s tail somewhere immediately!
tv. to move oneself to a particular place fast. You get your tail over here immediately! I’ll tell you one more time. Get your tail into my office immediately!
See also: get, somewhere, tail

get one’s tail somewhere immediately!

See also: get, somewhere, tail
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When assessed immediately after the second regimen (PND90), all three exposure groups derived a significant benefit of the second regimen (vs.
By applying the binding contract rule, the parties can measure the COI requirement immediately before the definitive agreement is signed, thereby securing the qualification regardless of subsequent declines in the value of acquirer stock.
Under this rationale, if officers conducting a lawful weapons frisk feel an object that they immediately recognize as evidence or contraband, they may lawfully seize that object under this so-called "plain feel" doctrine.
362(e)(1), its basis in the US2 note "shall" be its $70 value immediately after the transaction, apparently ab initio (and not as a reduction in basis otherwise determined under Sec.
Overhand lat pulldown, 6-10 reps, followed immediately by:
EdgeWall features an easy-to-use interface, via Vernier's Control Server, that allows administrators to immediately identify users that introduce malware or violate a security policy, block access to those users, scan non-compliant devices and remediate security issues before re-admitting users to the network.
According to -35T(b)(1), all of the members' bases in the subsidiary member's stock immediately before such transfer are aggregated.
Our owners will have immediate value for their purchase, and not have to wait the 18 months we project construction of the project to take," Robles explained, "They will be able to 'use their condo' immediately, depositing future time in their condos and exchanging immediately through the Interval International System.
The three-year period within which the taxpayers had to file a refund claim began immediately after the deemed filing and payment date of April 15, 1995, and expired after April 15, 1998.
The three men, whose names were not immediately available, might not have known anyone was in the home on 55th Street West near Avenue L-4 about 10:45 a.
Powered by GetConnected technology, the combined offering lets consumers purchase Vonage hardware on premise and register at in-store kiosks to immediately subscribe to its flat-rate, full featured service.
Immediately thereafter, C contributes 50% of the value of the B assets to S, a newly formed wholly owned C subsidiary, in exchange for S stock.
The Los Angeles Archdiocese agreed to immediately turn over documents when requested by police investigators probing allegations of child molestation by priests, the District Attorney's Office said Thursday.
5 million under a convertible debenture and warrant structure, commencing immediately.
For example, the issuance and exercise of an option generally do not immediately result in the partnership, the existing partners or the option holder recognizing income or loss.
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