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effective immediately

Beginning right now. Effective immediately, employees will no longer be able to take company computers home without the written permission of a supervisor.
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get (one's) tail (somewhere)

slang To move to some place or thing quickly. An adverb indicating speed (such as "fast" or "immediately") is often used after "somewhere." You better get your tail in there—Mom's looking for you. I heard the bell ring and got my tail inside immediately.
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get one’s tail somewhere fast!

and get one’s tail somewhere now! and get one’s tail somewhere immediately!
tv. to move oneself to a particular place fast. You get your tail over here immediately! I’ll tell you one more time. Get your tail into my office immediately!
See also: get, somewhere, tail

get one’s tail somewhere immediately!

See also: get, somewhere, tail
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And yet, while we try to respond immediately and to proclaim God's grace and love immediately, it's good to know that God also operates on a longer time-frame at the same time.
Practitioners should advise clients who have recently received such awards to pay taxes on them and then immediately file refund claims.
BG 153, you can easily access the phone (including toll-free) and fax numbers and email addresses so that you can immediately send along your requests.
Immediately after the first pivot, a reverse Rip Pivot maneuver could be executed (if necessary) to prevent the defender from tying up the ball-handler, or causing him to turn his back to his teammates (Photo 4).
Without regard for his own safety, he immediately entered through a bedroom window and began to crawl through the house searching each room for the trapped woman.
The new website can be immediately translated into five languages, with options for 15 other languages spoken by Brown Harris Stevens' brokers in an effort to efficiently service foreign visitors and clients.
Animals were sacrificed at five time points throughout the study (Figure 1) to assess the efficacy of the various treatments in lowering blood and brain lead levels, as follows: a) One animal per litter was sacrificed at PND41, immediately after cessation of lead exposure, and immediately before the start of chelation.
The Minister of Justice ought to appeal the decision immediately and begin the process for declaring the Notwithstanding Clause of the Constitution on it in order to quash its immediacy provisions effectively.
If the physician were immediately contacted with X-ray or lab results and the physician immediately chose and communicated the test-dependent course of treatment, and the nurse/unit staff immediately implemented that course of treatment, much time would be saved, more efficient care provided and improved patient care outcomes would result.
The Federal Reserve Board also approved actions by the boards of directors of the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and San Francisco, decreasing the discount rate at the banks from 2 percent to 1 1/2 percent, effective immediately.
We feel that there are steps that can be taken immediately to start the process.
By getting it there immediately with weight on the ball of that foot, the dancer has time to plie to collect energy.
In this case, the contribution from the dashpot immediately jumps to a constant value while the contribution from the spring increases with increased strain.
Between the second and third rooms, one could see the transition from Rauschenberg's first to second shows--between the work made immediately preceding and immediately following his one-person exhibition at Betty Parsons.
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