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with immediate effect

Beginning right now. With immediate effect, employees will no longer be able to take company computers home without the written permission of a supervisor.
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immediate occupancy

[of an apartment or house] ready to be moved into at this moment. This house is for immediate occupancy. You can move in today if you want. The apartment is empty, so that means immediate occupancy.
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Amir Farooqui DIGP Counter Terrorism Department of the Sindh police is transferred and posted with immediate effect and until further orders as DIGP West vice Zulfiqar Ali Larik transferred.
Each and every chapter is very explicitly enhanced by evidence-based current and classic liter- ature especially the concepts of advanced immediate loading.
An insertion torque of 40 Ncm was achieved which is suitable for that of immediate loading (Figure 3).
The primary advantages of immediate implant placement are the reduction in time and cost of therapy, the reduction in surgical episodes, and preservation of the bone and gingival tissues.
8221;We are delighted to continue serving the software needs of the Physicians Immediate Care clinics,” said Stern.
4 : not far away in time or space <the immediate future> <the immediate area>
This involves using money from a taxable account to buy both a period-certain immediate annuity and a deferred annuity, thus removing most of the current-year income tax liability.
For immediate annuities, every payment received consists of both income and return of invested capital.
Also, immediate annuities generally represent an irrevocable commitment, which tends to be somewhat intimidating to many buyers.
She has been Southwest Division high school competitions coordinator and Southwest Division president-elect and is the Southwest Division immediate past president.
The gifts were not commodities, and therefore did not have an immediate monetary value, when they were produced and distributed by the magical saint of Christmas.
Typically, the immediate tensile strengths must be within 6% due to the variation that is seen in tensile strength with coremaking machines.
However, students were more willing to talk to verbally immediate instructors than to less immediate instructors.
In December 1999, the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA), as part of its nursing home initiative, instructed states to more widely impose immediate sanctions, such as fines, against nursing homes.
Nursing home operators now face immediate sanctions when they receive G-level deficiencies on back-to-back surveys.