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imbue (someone or something) with (something)

To fill, instill, or inspire someone or something with a particular quality or trait. We've always tried to imbue our children with a strong sense of empathy for other people. It's clear to see that the filmmakers imbued the documentary with the anger felt by many working-class people.
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imbue someone with something

to indoctrinate someone with something; to build something into someone. I tried to imbue my children with a strong sense of justice. Her thinking and attitudes had been imbued with childhood fears.
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But Almeida transcends what could have been a mere adaptation of local references and traditions, successfully imbuing his work with an intensely personal sense of drama and energy.
He was a true danseur noble, a fine exponent in his generation of the British style, imbuing his dancing with refinement, softness, and elegance.
Very long, austere corridors will link these various sectors, imbuing them with a disquieting dreamlike quality that will exist in contrast to the harsh, coercive reality of the places described.
Her clenched fists, arched feet, and melancholic expression remained evident throughout, imbuing the spectator with a deep sensation of sadness and pain.