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imbue (someone or something) with (something)

To fill, instill, or inspire someone or something with a particular quality or trait. We've always tried to imbue our children with a strong sense of empathy for other people. It's clear to see that the filmmakers imbued the documentary with the anger felt by many working-class people.
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imbue someone with something

to indoctrinate someone with something; to build something into someone. I tried to imbue my children with a strong sense of justice. Her thinking and attitudes had been imbued with childhood fears.
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She imbues her reading with the cynicism and pain of this teen who blames herself for family traumas that are not her fault.
A Bach cello sonata (on tape) imbues the burly, pedestrian action of one stunning trio with profound eloquence.
In ``The Whole Banana'' at West Hollywood's Court Theatre, playwright/star Norton imbues the play's life-blocked heroine, Fran, with a captivating amalgam of vulnerability, vitality and humor.
In her most recent works the uncertainty has vanished, replaced by an almost virtuosic skill that sets the original photographic image back in the world and imbues it with emotional energy, combining expressive power or grace.
The individual elements may be familiar, but Wilson imbues them with a sense of mystery that is at once as exhilarating as it is unsettling.
Williams, who first gained fame as one of the trio of crime busters in TV's '70s hit ``The Mod Squad,'' imbues Jesse with a haunting sense of resignation as to his lot.
As McKie taps into the emotional depths of his life, he imbues simple painterly gestures with psychic resonance.
Once again relying on the textured intimacy of brilliant cinematographer Agnes Godard's images, Denis imbues the simple details of a one-night stand with powerful eroticism and humane understanding.
His sculptures receive a solar scarification that imbues them with stature, giving them order and marking their metamorphosis into art.
The sense of drama and texture with which Peter Gabriel imbues his music translates to his live shows, which are among the most compelling in popular music.
Dench, as usual, imbues her character with a real sense of mischief and keeps the proceedings moderately engaging - she singlehandedly prevents the film from being DOA - while the normally reliable Holm just seems to be going through the motions.
Take von Stroheim's character Von Rauffenstein: Renoir imbues the stiff prison commander with a poignancy despite his inherent ridiculousness.
Drew Barrymore imbues Olive's voice with a delightful spryness.
Doueiri successfully imbues the movie's first half with a sense of foreboding doom, but he doesn't build on that simmering intensity.